Friday, July 11, 2008

i'm huge in colorado springs?

Not that I'm all into blowing people in for things, but a certain someone who may or may not actually reside in Colorado Springs mentioned that word of The Dayton Time has spread like wildfire. Or the chicken pox. Memory's a little fuzzy today.

And that certain someone also told me that some of you CS Stalkers, and I use that term with lotsandlotsandlots of affection, it's like you're my pretend friends, and I like you, I really do, and I'm so psyched that you are reading me. You like me, you really, really do! (name that totally unscripted moment in cinematic history).

Wow. The grammar in the preceding paragraph is atrocious, and I ask y'alls's forgiveness.

Anyway, this person may have said some of you think I may have concocted the stories I share with you.

Dearest of all possible stalkers, I want to assure you that whilst I am able to retell a story with flair and panache and zinging sarcasm, I am completely not clever enough to make this stuff up. SweartoGod,nothopingtodie,sticknoneedlesinmyeyes.

If there's anything else you'd like to ask me, feel free. I will tell you anything you want to know. Well, almost.

P.S. If you'd like to check out somebody who routinely assists his stories with a healthy dose of fun, check out Black Hockey Jesus.


  1. You like me, you really, really do!
    Sally Fields Oscar speech- classic.

  2. I have a boat-load of opinions on the general demographic of Colorado Springs. But for this, I'll leave it at, they're fervent in their beliefs, aren't they?

  3. Easy now, Denver. Everybody's gotta pick a team.

    I don't actually know anybody in Colorado Springs, except for the one family. And I think you would probably like each other. Because that gal is supercool.

  4. Well, if you say I will - I WILL! I'm a good egg like that.

  5. Just wanted to say hi from one of your Colorado Springs Stalkers. :) Hi.

  6. @ Catherine: of course you are a good egg. Bad eggs don't have slammin' pink-handled bags.

    @ Cat: Hooray for you lifting your invisibility cloak. KD was telling me about you and I had actually known I liked you before you even commented. But I like you even better now, because I likes me my comments! Thanks for providing In Real Life entertainment and lubbins to my IRL friend.


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