Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm pretty much through with winter.  Not *all* of winter, mind you, just the part where the short people are in the house for approximately 99.9% of the day, and engage in absolutely non-witty banter and also bludgeoning one another with foam swords or other actual blunt objects.

people against dirty?
not any more.

In order to facilitate a relatively quietish afternoon, I poured blue food coloring in an empty spray bottle, filled it with water, capped that sucker, and handed it to the Wee Man.  I poured yellow food coloring in another empty spray bottle, filled it with water, capped it, and handed it to HB.  

look at me i'm magic i make color
The rules?  Not at the house and not at people.  Please note I forgot to mention the chickens.  I do apologize for not giving you a photo of our big, formerly snow-white Brahma.  But it was after dark when I learned that she now looks like the result of Papa Smurf's drunken rampage in the hen house.

purty blue snow.
I bet some of you are thinking, Wow. She put yellow food coloring in a bottle for her kid to spray on the snow.  It probably looks like a pack of wild dogs "marked" her front lawn.  And you'd be sort of correct.  Thankfully, the whole YELLOW PLUS BLUE EQUALS GREEN thing still applies, and Wee Man helped to correct the situation.
smurfy mcgee
I'm not quite sure why there are no pictures of the other two hooligans involved in this escapade, but be assured that they, too, are quite colorful.  HB looks like he has a deadly case of the jaundice, and Miss O is sort of polka-dotty.  

It's possible, likely even, that I went a little overboard with the food coloring, but it was nothing a little borax and steel wool can't fix.


  1. And if that doesn't work, try emery boards, or pumice stone and an angle grinder.

    Woops. You're trying to clean kids, not things, right? Yeah, maybe not an angle grinder...

  2. so glad you provided the photographic evidence. when i said i was kind of thinking of doing this exact thing last monday ... i only stopped because i didn't have 6 spray bottles. because dude. i was planning a whole rainbow. which may have meant direct supervision which may or may not be why it never happened.

  3. Normally, I am needing my kids around me. But yesterday, when I arrived home from work and really needed a drink, I told my kid to "Get out!" I let them back in after an hour. And then I loved them again.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. ha! i love this. and damn, why don't i have snow? maybe a bit of red in the spray bottles to really make the neighbors talk?


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