Thursday, January 10, 2013

let's try this again. maybe.

it's been about a year, and i've been mostly quiet.
sometimes that happens.
sometimes it has to happen.

i could say that 2012 offered an endless stream of hassle.
it's true.
but it was full of learning about myself, about my people.
it was full of learning about the people around me, that 
opinions are formed about you (me) independent of 
fact and truth.

i learned that my child would do better if he was able to do better.
i learned that behaviours are often unrelated to attitudes.
i learned that sometimes the things that hold you (me) back are 
held firmly in place by the rubble of things that happened long ago.

sorting through piles of destruction is hard work.

i learned open hearth cooking, and how to bake in a brick oven.
whilst wearing proper underpinnings for a woman in the 1850's.
including a corset.

i learned that making pretty, useful things for people is 
terrifically satisfying.
i love sitting in my work space, sewing away,
while my people do their schoolwork.
i learned that the unorthodox sometimes is the best fit.

also in the very satisfying category:
drinking a guinness after setting up our enormous
10-person tent, after driving 5 hours, after packing for a camping trip,
ALONE (plus the short people).
i learned that i can do all the things.

well, many of the things.
there is always more to master.


  1. I am slowly awakening to the idea that sometimes, unorthodox IS the best fit.

    Amen, Miss Pamela. Someday soon I hope that Leslie and I can bring some Guinness to you and Jon, and we can raise a toast.

  2. Nicely said - happy to see you post - I LOVE reading "you"!!!

  3. Someone who is open to learning new things retains the capacity to grow and flourish - and retain a youthful outlook.

    Those are all good things, in my book.

    Hope you have time to keep writing.

  4. And why am I "Anonymous" if I signed in? Jim Styro


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