Monday, December 3, 2007

happy birthday, wedding day!

We celebrated six years of being married and pretty much loving it on Saturday.

Our shopping list (because we had to go to Target while we were in the neighborhood):
method daily shower cleaner
Mr. Potato Head (for Jack)
iPod card (for the babysitter)
condoms (for peace of mind)

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  1. I didn't have a list when we set out on our anniversary trip. I was sick and full of cough medicine and wanted to possibly fall asleep in a movie theatre. But here's the list of good things that happened on what would appear to the outsider to be an uninspiring shopping trip.

    I had an hour alone in the car with my wife who surprised and endeared herself to me more than ever. I stumped through a big box store watching her enjoy shopping for shoes for our short people. And I had the pleasure of discovering a pleasant little bistro with her (Just like grown-ups!) and soaking in the experience of dining without getting up several hundred times and shouting continuously. And to top it all off: we discovered, much to our satisfaction and not at all to our surprise, that you can be with someone for six years and not be sick of them.

    Her Husband


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