Wednesday, October 1, 2008

come, join the circus

Open invitation to those of you who actually know where my house is:

The Mister and I are having a WATCH THE (MEDIA) CIRCUS PARTY Thursday night at 8:30. Feel free to wear your red rubber nose, oversized shoes, and striped MC Hammer pants. Wigs and jester hats? Optional.*

We will be watching (read: laughing at, commenting on) the Vice-Presidential Debate, which is likely to be extremely entertaining. People of all political persuasions are welcome, as it will add to the fun. People who have no specific political persuasion are even more welcome.

So come, join us! We'll make popcorn and some sort of sweet item. Bring a snack, dessert, or beverage to share.

*Wear your pajamas if you want, we really don't care. Costumes of any kind are optional. Just in case you were actually taking me seriously.


  1. I want to come!

    Unfortunately I live nowhere near you.

    I'll be there in spirit, wearing my hair in a bun and my square glasses and pointing my finger in the direction of Russia.

  2. Man, I wish I lived on your block. Or even in your state.

  3. Palin, in a debate? I am ALREADY LAUGHING.

  4. I live in your state but I can't come, I like the Hockey mom with lipstick though! (I know you don't) but there is just something about her that is so, I don't know, Normal!!! Not at all political but normal. anyway what can I say I'm a republican and I voted for Bush... twice! I know slap me 80times! But in this race, I honestly think if Obama gets it, he will be shot and killed within the first 6 months, I lived down south to long to think that he could make it through a 4 year term!

  5. SP's pulling for the at-least-she's-normal vote. Except? I am not convinced she is normal.

    You're right, maybe Obama will be assassinated if he's the POTUS. But I think it's more likely that McCain will die in office than Obama, and that is why the VP candidates are so important. (That and the stinking pile of example that is Cheney.)

    Who's the more qualified VP candidate? I have to go with the candidate who is consistently able to form coherent sentences, and actually knows what's going on in both the US and the rest of the world. Not the one who keeps a lookout for errant foreigners in her backyard.
    *end rant*

    In all honesty, I am hoping she says something intelligent during the debate. Because I really do want to know why she's been chosen to be #2 on the Republican team, and what she has to offer other than being snarky and cutesy and vapid. So far I haven't heard any reasons.

  6. sounds fun--except for i think all of your friends are democats so i would be woefully outnumbered =) HA!

  7. I'm digging on your pumpkins. Also, the build up to the Veep debate is killing me. The anticipation is like Christmas. I think I'm going to pee a little bit.

  8. ... I've NEVER taken YOU seriously.

    Lots of Live.

    Uncy-B (its my rapper name)

  9. I'm a MORON. It's "Love" not "Live". OOPS

  10. If there was any way I could get out there... But alas, I have practice at church, and am bound to have a long conversation with someone. I do need to come out there sometime soon. I've got some interesting stuff to talk about.


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