Sunday, November 1, 2009

lesson of the week.

We were putting the boys to bed tonight, The Mister was standing on the bottom step of the bunk bed ladder cuddling Wee Man, and I was sitting next to HB. The Mister's hand was dangling between two of the steps of the ladder, practically begging to be bothered.

Hey, HB, I said, tickle Daddy's hand.

So he did, obedient child that he is. The Mister rested his hand on one of the steps, hopefully out of reach of HB's tickling.

HB, tickle Daddy's hand again. Yes, I am five.

HB obliged, and started messing with The Mister again.

Get your hand off my pec.ker. The Mister was not happy.

Nice vocabulary lesson, Daddy, I said. HB, do you know what a pec.ker is?

Yeah, it's a bird and it bonks things with its nose and eyes. It's blind because it bonks things with its eyes.

So now you know, people. A pec.ker bonks things and is blind. Little ones speak only the truth.


  1. Never a dull moment in your house!

  2. No wonder I keep getting into trouble...would glasses help?

  3. I don't know..... the Mister's pecker mustent be too blind you do have 4 children! LOL

  4. Pamela,
    I always thought it was a figure of speech to say "I laughed so hard I blew Orange Julius out of my nose." But now I know that it can be a literal description
    That kid really knows his stuff.


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