Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am so crazy proud of myself.  Those of you darlings who see me in real life know that I don't really say things like that unless I'm being sarcastic.  But really, today, people?  I'm so cool, I'm a tiny bit smug.

Elliott has not worn a single, solitary disposable diaper in the past year.

 We have gone 365 consecutive days using only cloth diapers.  Prefolds.  Goodmamas.  Smartipants.  GroBaby.  Thirsties Duo Covers.  Wool longies.  Cloth wipes.

So happy anniversary to me.


  1. Yay!!! Dont you just love tiny cloth butts~

  2. Good for you girl!!! I would be super proud to announce such an accomplishment myself. Too bad we had an extended vacation far far away;o( Love the little fleece butt!! Too cute..oh and where did you get that elephant cover?

  3. wow, those cloth wipes look all soft and I'll bet they do a great job. I applaud your efforts. They didn't have all those cool things when my kids were babies 18 and 20 years ago! And the hospital lactation consultant was all excited to meet me, as I was the ONLY one nursing out of the 20-25 other women who had just given birth!

  4. That is good news! You should be proud.
    By the way, I've gone longer without wearing a disposable diaper than Elliot. But with my busy schedule, I sometimes wish that I was wearing one. I've just come off the set of The Jason Show and am happy to have found you. Your Friend, m.

  5. I'm proud of you for being so dedicated to the not wearing of disposable diapers, Mark. That's true dedication.

  6. wow.
    you. amaze. me.
    i cannot wait until little finn finally fits into all of our cloth (we started a bit late with cora.)
    he'll be decked out in pink and purple (mostly) but ... it'll be cloth!
    by the way ... where did you get your wipes? did you make them? i've been meaning to make some but haven't decided what fabrics i want to use. suggestions?


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