Monday, May 9, 2011

some items for your consideration, version IX

  1. There are 18 peeping chicks in a plastic tote on my front porch.  They drink a lot of water and they poop a lot.  And their poop smells.  Bad.  However, none of these things will keep me from eating most of them.  
  2. Wee Man has learned to read, and really, I am happy about this.  Green Eggs and Ham is just not as thrilling the nine millionth consecutive time it's been read to you, that's all.  And also, sometimes I receive text messages that are not entirely appropriate for my children to read.  Mostly because it's just none of their stinking business, but sometimes, well, you can imagine, I'm sure.  
  3. I actually lost followers after my happy effing Mother's Day post.  Hmmm.
  4. The Mister took matters into his own hands and called the doctor's office and got me an appointment on Saturday.  I'm taking LOTS! MORE! and DIFFERENT! drugs so hopefully my head will stop hurting and I will stop praying for death or decapitation.
  5. Just to be clear, I'm not actually praying for death or decapitation. 
  6. I built a compost bin using only metal stakes, pallets, and my own brute strength.  I also pulled several abdominal muscles and cried like a little girl.
  7. My birthday is on Friday.  Yes, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH.  As it happens, I was born on Friday the thirteenth as well.  And my thirteenth birthday was on Friday the thirteenth.  That's why I'm so FREAKISHLY AWESOME.
  8. I spent all of Friday the Fifth photographing the piles of items for my Etsy shop.  And I have spent hours and hours since then, except for when I was ruining my six-pack abs making a compost pile, sifting through photos and editing and listing items.  You should totally check out my shop and buy everything so I can finish buying my new sewing machine.   I even put up two photographs because I was feeling bold.
  9. Cute photo.


  1. Holy moly...sometimes, your awesomeness is nearly freakin' radioactive! (grin)

    And a great list, too. See? After all that schtuff, you still put together a sharp and funny post. Kudos!

  2. It is indeedy a very cutesome picture.

    We have a compost PILE. Basically, all food trash goes in it and we don't care what it is. The chickens love it and once it grew pumpkins and I didn't think I'd even thrown pumpkins out there so it was magic. Occasionally it sprouts maggots and this pleases the boys NO END.

    I'm so glad you added #5 because I might have been forced to quit following you due to #4. And I have lost plenty of followers. Atheists drop me when I say something spiritual-like and the Christians drop me left and right when they realize I am Not Like Them and I say something athiest-like. Also? The schoolers drop me when I say something unschoolish-like. And the unschoolers drop me when I mention a book. And then the attachment parenters drop me when I quit talking about attachment parenting and go on a Red Hot Chili Peppers tangent, instead. And then the Chili Peppers fans drop me when....well, you get the idea. I'm a revolving door with the followers ;).

  3. Hmmm... Happy efing Mother's Day strengthened my commitment to being a loyal reader-- just saying...
    And, I was so happy to know that someone else's life is not all freakin' roses All! THE! TIME!! because so many people post a life that cannot be maintained in reality... I am thankful for your honesty!!
    PS-- Good for The Mister, every man should help his wife get drugs. Ummm that didn't come out exactly right, but you get the idea ;-)

  4. Well I'm new (get here via Carol, Sardine Winner Mom), I'm not an official follower, but decided I'd stick around for some time, effing posts or not - hope the head is feeling better, with or without followers and euh, just to be nasty: if Friday is the 13th, then the Friday before is the 6th, just saying... See you soon! (unless you block my access after my last remark) - Jade

  5. Hurray for the good stuff.
    As far as the whole 'peeping chick' thing goes - I am tired of people saying "Oh, they are so cute! You're not going to want to eat them!" If any sane person had to live with that loud, obnoxious lot with their constant eating, drinking, pooping, and smelling, they would be counting the days until you could decapitate them.

  6. Jade~ I'm laughing about the Friday the 6th thing. When I initially wrote the post, I wrote "Friday the 8th" which was completely wrong. And so I changed it... to the wrong date. Too funny. But if there's one thing you can count on me for, it's to laugh at myself. Good work.

    And Mari~ Amen and amen.

  7. I'm still here! You can't scare me away so easily!

    I hope that the new drugs help out, but not so much that you're not still your entertaining self.

  8. I'll say happy b-day!!! - now - because friday 13th is awfully busy day at school with lots of exams etc. and I probably won't have tie to get online all day. So happy b-day :)

    hope you'll feel better soon :)

    -and just so you know - your mom's day post was the second post from you I've read and it made me think: - hmmm it was awesome decision to follow your blog :) - just keep it real :) that's the best way :)


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