Saturday, June 2, 2012


Dear ones, The good news is that I have a new doctor, a TMD specialist, who understands why I am having migraines and is confident that he knows how to fix me and make my pain disappear. The bad news is that the poking, prodding, manipulating and maneuvering has given me the worst head pain I have had in my entire life. I am not a girl who cries very much for any reason, but for the past two days tears have been spilling down my cheeks because of the pain. On Monday I return to the doctor's office for two and a half more hours of testing, and I cannot have any pain meds for 12 hours before the test. I am terrified. I can usually see things pretty rationally, but I am freaking out. The thought of hurting more than I hurt right now is just too much. So please, if you are one who prays, pray for me. For peace, for relief, for patience with this process. If you aren't a pray-er, do your thing for me. I hear things seem darkest right before they are fixed, and if that's true, I anticipate something truly wonderful. I just need to make it from right now until then. Thanks.