Thursday, April 17, 2008

another good idea

MyGal: Mom, we should get a frog.

This is where I am trying to look as calm and nonchalant as possible, you know, as if I were actually considering this ridiculous suggestion.

MyGal: It would eat all the bugs.

And this is where I tilt my head ever-so-slightly to the left as if she has made a good point...I also nod and shrug a little. And this is so that I do not say something that would hurt her feelings, or laugh sarcastically. Because I Am A Good Parent.

I hear you snickering.

MyGal: I could put a leash on it and tie it to my bed.

And this is where I look at her with wide, wide, wide-open eyes, my jaw hanging there like an empty swing. Because WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF A FROG THAT BIG? It was comic and terrifying all at the same time. And if it were that big, would it just lash out with its nasty frog tongue and try to eat me? Because I am NO FLY! I will not be tongue-spanked by a comickly-terrifying frog. Who cares about the freaking bugs now? THERE'S A GIANT FROG IN OUR HOUSE!!!!!

Then, my dearsweet NumberOneSon chimes in, "And we will wive hapuhwee evah after."

Without a frog.

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