Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday funday

i got us to the church on time, even a bit early.  was a dreadful substitute for our regular pianist... not sure if the ill-timed dozing or the poor performance was worse.  probably the dozing.  fortunately, i wasn't the only one.  tee hee.

grape-nuts for lunch and a scrumptious nap on my favorite red sofa under a mound of quilts and with a sweet henry-boy tucked in alongside me. only one cup of coffee, no thanks at all to the 15 ulcers in my belly, but it was still lovely.

raked, picked-up-sticks, weeded and mulched the rhubarb.

pb&j for dinner, with a side of rhubarb sauce and peaches from the pantry.  hip-hopped to the playground and stayed until my toes were freezing and the last bit of daylight left the sky.  was very pleased with myself for stashing the woven wrap in the basket of our stroller because wearing elliott home really helped me stay warm. 

popcorn for a bedtime snack.
tucked the short people into bed, breathing the smell of spring in their hair.

packed for tomorrow's visit to see our besties,
ran a load of jeans and socks through the washer and dryer
and off to bed.


  1. rhubarb sauce. i think i have a new mission in life.

  2. All I could think reading this is oh my gosh, we have PBJ regularly for dinner and I have never ever pulled off something like peaches and rhubarb to go with it.


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