Thursday, May 26, 2011

some items for your consideration: the i'm too lazy to see which edition, edition

  1. The Flats Challenge.  Y'all, I really like using the flats.  They are trim, and they fit under my covers super nicely, and they are not at all a pain in the keister (for me, anyway) to use. However...
  2. The Flats Challenge.  Handwashing is not fun.  Well, the first time I did it, it was kind of fun. Fun-ish.  But today I washed the diapers and I think I sprained myself. I used Tide Free and Clear to wash, not the homemade concoction I used the other day, and I put too much in, and had a terrible time rinsing the stupid things clean, and wasted a ton of water and WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE.  And I hung them up on my drying rack instead of my line, because the weather people say there is a 70% chance of spontaneous, thunderous downpours of epic proportions.  So now the drying rack is sitting in my sewing room, not actually drying.
  3. Big fun tomorrow, people.  Wendy's and The Motherhood are taking the short people and me, and a bunch of other mama bloggas out to lunch.  The mamas get to try the new salad that Wendy's is adding to the menu, and the kids get to eat burgers and fries and breaded faux chicken pieces.  I am only a teensy bit sad they're not feeding us burgers.  Because I loves me a double stack.  (I'll be giving away a $25 gift card to Wendy's next week when I compile my thoughts about said salad.)
  4. Quick vote on this one.  I have a post in draft entitled 26 reasons why i'm not fit to be the mother of chickens, and I can't decide whether or not to post it.  
  5. Shame.  Two weeks ago I had a mad craving for jelly beans, and so The Mister picked me up some.  I ate a few that day, but today I am killing them.  Also? They taste terrible, but I just.can't.stop.
  6. Teh Funnies.  Kim from It's A Beautiful Wreck posted THIS HERE LINK to the effbooks the other day.  A little heads up:  put your drink down.
  7. Size matters.  I got a new hairdo, and let me tell you, people, it's fantastic (hi, Heather, I love you long time) but it really enjoys getting its 'fro on.  Especially when it's humid, like, for example, RIGHT NOW.  The curls are about five inches away from my scalp.  I'm entering into Wonder of The World territory.
  8. And finally, because I can, my list of things I'm currently knitting.  The Hourglass Sweater in Universal Yarn's Turkish Coffee, the Herringbone Poncho in a turquoisey colored bamboo-wool blend that was superty cheap at Michael's (both patterns by Joelle Hoverson), and the Vergennes Pullover by Amy Christoffers.  And, you know, some socks and some dishcloths, and a pretty purple hemp-cotton scarf that is knit with the same pattern as the Vergennes Pullover.  
  9. Wait.  One more thing.  There's a sweet baby I know who had open heart surgery today.  Her name is Fabienne, and her mama blogs here.  Fabienne is seven months old, and was put on this earth to bring joy; I can't tell you how I know that, I just do.  Please keep this family in your prayers (or whatever you non-pray-ers do) as Fabienne recovers.  One heart had an operation today, but three hearts wear the scar.

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