Saturday, August 6, 2011

more about the camping trip. because i know you care.

As I mentioned, we are going camping.  It's pretty much giving me major amounts of stress, not for any particular reason or set of reasons, but just because.  Just because I'm awesome.  Heh.

My phone was dinging off the hook with text messages about the BIG! CAMPING! TRIP! the other day.  A lot of it was funny, except for this:  everybody has to plan an activity or game for the Short People Collective.


In the first place, NEVER BEEN CAMPING BEFORE.  In the second place, PLAY GAMES? WHILE CAMPING?  Who does this?  Don't the short people just run amok and climb trees and start fires and stub their toes and stuff and then pass out at the end of the day?

Apparently not.

So I consulted the googles, because that's just What You Do when you're clueless.  Thank God for the googles, and for the gazillions of people who know things about what to do with short people for fun when you're clueless and camping.

A scavenger hunt, that's what you do.  Heather from the Creative Homemaker Blog posted her ideas, and I totally used her intellectual property.  But I did make my own sheet.  Honest.

Here's a printable scavenger hunt, just for you.  Check it out.


  1. We took our kids on a two week RV adventure when they were younger. I'm pretty sure the sticks they gathered by day for the campfire each night kept them occupied. That and being on the lookout for bears.

    I hope you have a fantastical stress free time!

  2. Just give them something to burn and they're happy.

  3. I freaking love camping! Rivers, s'mores, tree climbing! :D Hope you're having fun!

  4. Hol-ee Sheet! You won an iPad2 at Wait in the Van!!!! I foresee much rejoicing.

  5. I thought camping was about telling stories and roasting marshmellows


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