Tuesday, October 9, 2012

in five minutes, a sample

Mama, will Henry get his own Christmas tree?
Probably not.

Mama, what is there to eat?
Have an apple.

Mama, Jack doesn't do it fair.
We all know this.

Mama, I can't get my pajamas arms sort outed.
I can help with that.


Mama, I'm hungry.
Have an apple.

Mama, I want a glass of water.
How would you say that if you really wanted a glass of water?
Mama, please I may have a glass of water?
Thank you.

Mama, can Henry play your iPad?
Not right now.
Well, when, then?
I don't know, maybe later.

Mama, can I have a coffee?
Can is a question of ability. 'May I' is a question of permission. You *can* drink coffee, but you may not.

Mama, I'm still hungry.
Did you eat an apple?
Perhaps you will eat an apple?

Mama, do I have to empty the dishwasher?
But I don't wanna.
Do you want to eat dinner?
But I don't wanna make dinner.

Mama, there's nothing to do.
How about some math?
::whine face::
Read a book?
::same face::
Play outside?
::same face, more feigned pain::
::whine face + whine noise::
Stare at the wall? Go to bed?
I'll go outside.
What a good idea.

Mama, is there anything to eat?
Yes. There is. May I suggest an apple?


  1. HA! That is a familiar conversation. I think I've heard it somewhere. At least you keep your sense of humor about you in these kinds of situations!

    1. Well, if you can't laugh, then what is there?

  2. It's all about choices, isn't it? And that 'can' vs. 'may' exchange is soooo familiar :)

    1. Oh, the choices.
      Glad to hear someone else toes the "may/can" line.

  3. LOL! If I had even a penny for every time I heard mom, mommy, or mama I would totally be rich!

    1. I could totally get a latte at Starbucks on Friday if they keep it up!

  4. So beautiful. So sweet. So true. AND we were blogging at the same time!

    1. I love your post today.
      I saw her go up.

  5. "Please I may" might be my most favorite things about kid-speak.

    1. That, and SORT OUTED.
      I will miss the talking.

  6. What made me crazy(-ier) was the tapping on my arm. Every "mumma" came with two or three taps on my upper arm. If I was on the phone, of course the taps and the mummas increased. Imagine my chagrin when I found the occasional 6th grade student who did the tapping to get my attention!

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  8. The Boss once used a Crayola Window Crayon to record the number of times our children said, "Hey, mom?" during a ten hour drive from Chicago to Kansas. We almost needed a second windshield.


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