Monday, February 18, 2013

organize now challenge: post OMG THE SICKNESS

I have totally dropped the ball with the Organizing Things Now.  And yes, this is where I blame everything on my children and the Cold Of Death I had for days and days and days.

I was on a roll, people. I had MOTIVATION! and AMBITION! and I was making SERIOUS PROGRESS.  And then I sat on the sofa with my snot-nosed, barfy kids for the better part of three weeks, which is totally what I really should have been doing, you know, the whole mothering thing

But dang. 

Yesterday I cleared my kitchen counters and scrubbed all the things. Today, I made some pretty awesome refried beans for burritos, watched my six year old make cupcakes, and then watched all four of them dump sprinkles all over my kitchen. 

The laundry has erupted. Again. The bedrooms are a mess. There are sprinkles in my socks.


Tomorrow we will be back at the routine. Wish me luck. Send cake. Both.


  1. Gah. Don't you hate how children can totally derail any plans you might make for yourself?! I remember when I used to have a life of my own. And plans.

    (But it's so much better now). ;)

    1. it really is so much better.
      and funny... more middle of the night barf last night.

  2. I will pray and possibly send cake. You never know where the wind may take me. XOXO Glad everyone is feeling better. P.S. A sprinkle in the sock is better than the lego. That, my friend, is a fact.


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