Wednesday, August 13, 2008

houston, we have a problem

Miss O is going to start kindergarten in, oh, what's today?, I don't know, but it's soon. It seems, according to the 984,571,084,428,750 page Kindergarten Handbook (oh yes, it's a serious document), that there are a few RULES in Kindergarten.

She is totally used to rules, because, well, I am her mother, and I am the Type-A-Bet-Your-Ass-There's-Rules-So-Quit-Whining sort of loving mommy. She is a lovely and cooperative child, especially when we remember to feed her and put her to bed at a decent hour.

But there is one thing that stands between Miss O and Success In Kindergarten.


The child simply will not wear them. Ev.ah.

We went school shopping, and she picked out these, which look a gazillion times better in real life. I actually want a pair for me, but thanks to the short people, my feet are elephantine.

She tried them on in the store, and ran around like a happy-footed lunatic, shouting, I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!!!! I WILL WEAR THEM IN MY SLEEP!!!!!!
Great. Quit acting like a nut in the brand new Target for the love of all that is good and pure.

But now, she will not put the shoes on. She says she will not wear them at school. I say, Well, dearest, you have to wear them if you want to play in the gym with the other kids who are wearing their sneakers.


The rules also say that you have to wear sneakers to play on the playground.

NO!!!! I will just sit there.

Okay, if that's what you choose to do, you will have to deal with the consequences.

FINE. I'M NOT WEARING THEM! (insert emphatic stomp here)

So there they sit, lonely superfun shoes, on the back of the sofa, because that's where everything in my house lives at one time or another.

I'm not going to bribe her, or try to reason with her. There's no point in trying to convince her to wear the sneakers. She'll either change her mind once she gets there, or she won't.

What happens if you fail gym in Kindergarten?


  1. Oh goodness! My boys always pitch a bitch when the seasons change.. what's coming up? Fall? Ah yes, the old I HATE PANTS and SOCKS! fight. Yeah!

    Speaking of Kindergarten, I just spent like $55 on supplies for KINDERGARTEN! now they want a $25 homeroom fee..(no idea what that means,but I'm pretty sure it's a jab at my working mother status)

  2. Uncle Benna is a pro at Failing Kindergarten Gym....

  3. I bet those sneakers will make it onto the playground within a week of her starting school! Thanks for stopping by Twenty Four At Heart and entering the contest! Good luck!

  4. I have a feeling its not going to take her very long to change her mind. When she sees her friends running and playing, she'll want to join in too. She's simply adorable.

  5. Did you see this? You would be perfect!

    =) Karen

  6. I had to wear sneakers to grammer school daily. Except they were white. And totally uncool. Didn't matter what I wore, those shoes were on my feet. Because my mom? She's pragmatic. I would have loved to have silver sneeks.

    Oh wait, now I do - also courtesy of Target. And! 1/2 off.

  7. Pamela, Hey girl I am back on the internet !!!!!!! wow t month have passed since I was last connected to the world through a cable line! This is great! She will come through! I miss you and will be home fisrt weekend in September!

  8. I think she'll come around in a day or two as well.

    Or she'll be like this girl in my older son's class who was such a princess, she actually brought shoes for class, shoes for p.e. and recess, and shoes to "lunch" in. Every.Day.

    Found you from Cat's site. Anyone who calls me a genius in the comments is obviously someone with impeccable taste and should be added to my reader without delay. :)


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