Wednesday, December 5, 2007

in search of a clean bathroom

Is there one at your house? Because there certainly isn't one here. I am well aware that in the time it takes me to complain here about my dirty bathroom--which is my fault, I guess, because I haven't actually given it the business lately--I could have cleaned it. I would much rather just go use someone else's clean bathroom, or arrange an appearance of the Bathroom Cleaning Fairy, or anything, really. I've been such a good girl this week. I've been mostly patient, mostly pleasant, I've helped out a friend and prayed lots, I've fed my family all of the requisite meals and did loads and loads of laundry (including two loads of diapers, so far), and vacuumed, and played with the children, and remembered the baby's year-old doctor appointment...

Oh, and Bathroom Cleaning Fairy, in addition to the dirty bathroom that is the subject of my rant, we have a tiny little half bath off the kitchen that isn't sanitized and sparkling, either. So if you're coming, would you hit them both? That'd be great.

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