Monday, February 7, 2011

some items for your consideration; 7th edition

1.  I opened the oven door to put the pizzas in (of the traditional friday night pizza-and-a-movie fame) and discovered that the heating element was no longer working.  This is the equivalent to having my left arm broken, I think.

2.  The Mister worked. And worked. And worked some more.  This working thing isn't actually anything new.  But this week? It just seemed like a lot.

3.  I had an autoimmune disease flare of epic proportions.  (Did I ever tell you I have an autoimmune disease?  I do)  It started about two weeks ago, and reached its peak Friday and Saturday.  Everything hurt. And i had a migraine.  Only my joints hurt today, so I venture a guess that it's going away.  I hope.

4.  The short people were super helpful, though.  They did laundry and emptied the dishwasher.  They even made more dirty dishes and! Refilled the dishwasher.  and!  Fetched things all by themselves.  Le sigh.

5.  I'm sorry I alarmed you with my post mentioning Secret Things And Stuff.  It's all good, I promise.

6.  I am currently on a mission to commit clementine genocide.  You should fully expect to see me indicted at The Hague sometime in the middle of next week.  Genocide jokes aren't funny.  But the words The Hague and indicted are funny.  So it kind of balances out.

7.  I got a new phone.  It rings when people call.  This is something new and very exciting, as my previous phone had stopped ringing about three weeks ago, despite displaying that a call was coming in.  I had to pull the battery out, put the battery back in, turn the phone on, wait for it to start up, and then call the person back.  It was somewhat tedious, and by somewhat I mean OH MY HELL THAT'S EFFING ANNOYING ALREADY.

What's going on with you, my darling peoples?  


  1. Sounds like we can be kindred spirits in "battyness," minus the autoimmune stuff. (I hope you're okay). See pending post. Glad for your new phone, superkids, insight, and wit. How is that oven doing?

  2. Oh. No. I lived without an oven for several months. Was kinda good for the waist line though. No cookies. Sarah

  3. i could not live without an oven. microwave? don't need it. oven however is essential.


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