Tuesday, June 7, 2011

some items for your consideration: tenth-ish edition

  1. The Brain Pain Situation: I had no migraines for 22 days. And then I have had one 3 of the last four days. I'm choosing to be happy and grateful for the 22 pain-free days.  Coincidentally, my body pain is way up these past few days, too.  Trying to figure that out. Meh.
  2. The Chicken Situation:  I have caused no chicken deaths in the past 15 days.  Neither purposefully nor inadvertently. Yay, me.
  3. The Cat Situation:  I find myself really hating our cats.  I really cannot get rid of our cats.  Advice, please.
  4. The Wendy's Gift Card Situation:  I am surprised that so few of you have left a comment HERE. Do you not have a Wendy's near you?  Do you not know about the Double Stack?  You could totally purchase 25 Double Stacks if you lived near me and won the gift card.  I could eat 25 Double Stacks, that's for sure.
  5. The Beach Situation:  The short people have been asking about going to the beach for, well, since around Christmas.  It opens June 18th.  You'd think I told them it was not ever going to reopen.  They have all torn their clothes and adorned themselves with ashes.
  6. The Disgusting Expression of Displeasure:  Henry has decided to expel air through his nose with extreme force whenever we tell him something he does not like.  And sometimes, for extra beauty, boogers come out.  Kids are awesome.
  7. The Sad Boy Situation:  Elliott has decided that one minute without me is entirely too much for him.  I have decided that this is entirely too much for me.   
  8. The "Borrowed" Baby Situation:  I have a new friend (well, new to YOU), and she has a tiny baby (well, new-tiny, not tiny-tiny) and yesterday Tiny Baby A was not being kind to the mama, so I taught New Friend about the beauty of the stretchy wrap, and now Tiny Baby A is being kind to the mama.  BUT!!!  New Friend was super stressed by the days of incessant screaming, so I put Tiny Baby A in my stretchy wrap and took her home with me.  When we arrived home (we walked, for the record, just to be clear), I sat down for a minute.  Henry marched up to me, put his hands on his hips, and scolded, WHO SAID YOU COULD TAKE THAT BABY HOME? YOU DON'T TAKE PEOPLE'S BABIES!!! It was kind of awesome.  And yes, I did give Tiny Baby A back.
  9. The Sun Situation:  We have some. I like it.
So what's up with you?  Talk to me.


  1. I really love the booger issue. Priceless. I love that you took her baby. Glad that you gave it back, I am sure she really missed it. Overjoyed to see a new post from you as I was experiencing an afternoon lull and really loved the laugh! :) Thank you as always!

  2. well, I don't think we have any Wendy's in the whole country - that's why I didn't comment :)

  3. Oh, Henry, I love that he's telling you not to steal babies. Too funny!!

    It has been horrendously, horrifically hot here, with poor air quality alerts so I am stuck indoors with my children. this has not been going well.

  4. I sure hope you got a pouty look and said, "But I wanted to play with the bay-bee!"

  5. Have you seen a chiropractor about that head stuff?

  6. i love number 8. especially that your kid reprimanded you.

    have you tried a chiro or acupuncture for the headaches?

  7. I am currently seeing a kind of naturopathic-electricity based doc, and I am investigating the insurance situation for chiro and acupuncture.

    And Jarka, where do you live? I've been trying to figure it out from your blog, and I'm confused. For a while I thought you were Canadian. But as I said... confused. If you won, I'd eat frosties and burgers for you. Because I'm totally thoughtful like that.

  8. Nice. If you would like to give them imitation beach, give me a call and we can hit up Godfrey's Pond. My kids think it's the ocean. It's wonderful. :)

    The googles are still being asses.


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