Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have been sitting on the sofa all afternoon with a (shameless plug) hotsy-coldsy bag on my left eye.  You might think a lot of things about how this came to be, but I will just tell you straight away:  It was my own stupid fault.  

Really, it was.  

I put the contact in my left eye this morning, and it felt uncomfortable, and instead of just taking it right back out of my eye and giving it a good old rinse-off, I left it there.  Uncomfortable became more uncomfortable became sting-y became scratchy became white-knuckled pain.  And by that time?  I was not at home.  In fact, I was at an outdoor picnic in the bright! blazing! sunshine!   Completely useless tears were pouring down the left side of my face.  

A person with more sense and a less horrible prescription would have removed her contact before it got this far.  But NOT ME!  I am a stick-er-out-er.  That dead horse over there?  Yep, that was me, and I have the souvenir beater stick to prove it.

I do this sticking-it-out-keep-on-trying thing all of the time.  The Mister will verify this for you.  It's not pretty, and it's not rational.  But I persist.  I make mistakes and I try to fix and fix and fix and all I accomplish in the end is epic levels of awkward and ick.  I notice something heading south (no offense, Southerners) and I figure it will rectify itself as if things actually do that on their own.   It's a whole other kind of awesome that leaves a spectacular pit in my stomach, or a spectacular pit in my eyeball, as is the case today.  Just keep blinking, just keep blinking, just keep blinking...

So I ask you:  how do you learn to stop, to put on the brakes and to lay down the beater stick?  And do any of you suffer from this same bout of nonsense as me?  


  1. Been there my friend. Frequently. I have learned over a painfully long period of time to chose my battles wisely. Use your beat the horse mentality to help you stick out things you need to, and let the rest go. Love ya sista friend.

  2. I promise I would never stick-it-out for so long I end up with pneumonia. Nope. Not me. Really, you do have to find balance. Which is really hard. You just have to decide which things are really important, which things aren't, and which things fall in between. Then you have to accept that you can't do everything (I know, you can if you stick-it-out, but not really), and it's OK. I promise. Have you ever heard of or tried the FlyLady thing? Makes a big difference for me, especially when I'm "behind."

    I've been there too. hugs. It will be OK. Breathe. hugs.

  3. I have a husband who stops me and says, "Really?" And I have grown rational enough finally, to listen to him, and say, "Yeah. What am I thinking?"

  4. Also, I have had a scratched cornea. You need the optometrist to give you some goop to put in your eye at night, or every time you hit REM sleep, it will open up again! Ask the Mister to take you by the shoulders and say, "Really?" until you get it.

  5. You know, the best thing about hitting yourself in the head with a hammer is how good it feels when you stop.

    Sometimes you just need to stop. This I know (windingbandagesaroundhishead).

  6. I have never pushed that hard unless it comes to losing weight. I go on these ridiculous diets which lead me to hating them and just eating smaller suppers which leads to me eventually giving in and eating normally and then I get super sick. And after a few months I'll think about doing it again! Which is crazy and I have to learn to stop doing it but it doesn't help with a wedding coming up :(

  7. Is this my wife writing under a pseudonym?

  8. Nope, mon capitan. But maybe. We are so much alike, all of us XX-ers.

  9. and Irish separated at birth, eh? :)


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