Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are unplugging the internet over here.
It's not because we dislike the internet,
but because we like other things more.
Things like, say, owning our home, heating our home, eating.
You get the picture.
If you miss me terribly, you can email me *the*dayton*time*at*gmail*dot*com.
Or if you have my number, you can give me a call or text me a little love note.
And I will check into the effbooks from time to time.
I will also be paying attention to my etsy shop every few days.
Be well, y'all.


  1. I will miss you. Terribly. I pray that this all works itself out soon!

  2. Take care! Enjoy life!

  3. *blinkblink* Thinking of you and yours. If I don't check in with you soon, smack me upside the head. I mean it.

  4. hope the time away from the interwebs is good to you :)

  5. I'll miss checking in here! I hope the unplugged life is good to you, and that you make your way back eventually!


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