Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i know.

i remembered.

i know who you are, and i know what you did.
i think i always knew, somewhere, in my innermost hiding-place self.
but last week, i remembered.

oddly enough, i'm not angry.
i'm disappointed, disgusted, sad.

you took what was not yours, and not just from me.
i was not the only one.
and so do you.


  1. sometimes writing it down helps. hugs, friend.

  2. I am always here if you want to talk and I am always praying for you. Love you.

  3. Love, prayers, thoughts, voo doo, chi, and all other mumbo jumbo from me to you, constantly.

  4. Well, not sure I understand it correctly, but this post is eerily similar to another one I just read about someone stealing posts and posting them on their own blog - which has no information about the writer, nor about where all the posts come from... It is a very weird blog indeed, including the pictures as well as the texts without any changes whatsoever - very strange and very not correct. Oh, and also no way to read the comments, so anyone pointing out the post has been stolen, will not be read... I hope this is not what you are referring too, but it doesn't sound like anything good here either. FYI an other blogger suggested to put a safety thingy on for the pictures - apparently that exists and she uses it, because pictures of her family have been posted on a not very nice blog at all. Hope we'll get to read some nice next post and that the creeps may stay away!

  5. Wow, this was haunting. I wish you healing. I wish whoever this person is a chilling fear deep in their stomach as they read your powerful words.


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