Thursday, January 24, 2008

big value

It's all about the cheap thrills here tonight. And by cheap, I mean blowing up a $2 bag of a hundred balloons from the dollar store. There really is no need for kids to be getting high on drugs and spray paint, for crying out loud. All one needs to catch a pretty decent buzz is to try to blow up a bunch of balloons that have no intention of being blown up. And when one is trying to achieve a considerable mass of said cheap balloons, one can be guaranteed a Highly Entertaining Evening o' Fun.

MyGirl is turning 5 tomorrow, and really gets a kick out of Big & Special. It doesn't matter so much what the Big & Special is, she just likes her some Big & Special. And what better day than your birthday to have enormous strings of balloons hanging from your bedroom ceiling? It's dark, but I can imagine the sunlight streaming in the window tomorrow morning, and the illuminated balloons greeting her with a cheery happy birthday. And a happy birthday it shall be.

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  1. 5 already??!!! That has gone so fast!! I am glad jon sent me the link for you blog...I am a none blogger...cuz i have no idea how or what...but i LOVE yours!



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