Wednesday, January 16, 2008


HB has discovered peek-a-boo. It is the most hilarious thing since other people laughing. He loves it when I cover my face, say, "Where's Mama?", then pause, pause, wait for it..."Here I am!!!" Then he'll take a turn, covering his face with his sausage-patty hands. If I'm not paying close enough attention, he will just sit there. And sit there. With his face covered. "Where's Henry?" With a belly laugh he will uncover his face, all fat and drouling (from teething, naturally), and applaud himself for his cleverness, or me for getting it.

He's also discovered The Art Of Peek-A-Boo With Props. His sippy cup, graham crackers, or the best, cloth napkins.

What an adorable, yummy lovey he is. And I love that dimple so much it gives me goosebumps in my heart.

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