Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sisterly advice

Today NumberOneSon and MyGirl were playing Fort. Fort is located behind the rocker-recliner in HB's room. It is very common for N1S to be moving just a little bit slower than MyGirl, but really, who doesn't move slower than MyGirl. She's a motivated kiddo. I wasn't surprised in the least to hear her urgently calling to N1S to hurry up, but this is, by far, the quote of the day.

"Jack! Quick get into the fort! Someone will see you and grab you and take you to California and COLLEGE and you'll never come back!!!!"

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  1. main street coffee16 January, 2008 16:55

    you are hilarious! it's no wonder your kids are as hysterical as they are. i'm so glad i know this blog exists, and you can bet i'll be checking it daily. i had no idea what a great writer you were. i was in tears laughing so hard at the furniture story, and the fort game was equal to the task. god help us when that girl turns 16. keep up the great work and thumb-in-teeth to the people that have a problem with it.



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