Thursday, January 10, 2008

riding horses on christmas morning

This is my spectacular Christmas gift from Olivia. She wrote it (dictated to Grandma Martha) while spinning and dancing to piano music.

Riding horses on Christmas morning

A song by Olivia for Mom,
Christmas 2007

Flying with the birds on Christmas morning
Doing houses with my Dad
and everything I like to do.

Riding on the back of my secret dream of my horse.
Flying with the birds doing anything I want.
You’ll be able to feel the clouds that touch your wings.
I’ll brush my head against the sky.
You’ll be able to feel God’s touch,
the love God gives you.

You’ll be able to hear the wonderful wind.
You’ll be able to hear your heart beating.
You’ll be able to see all the house you go past.
Swoop down, swoop back up,
and go wherever you like when you’re free.

I have a picture of my horse.
The horse is in an open field right by a running river.
I’m pretending to ride on that horse,
holding onto the mane,
dancing in the grass.

I get a little bit tired and I sit down to rest.
I get back up and get back to my song.

You can hear the horse’s hooves clattering against the ground.
Flying with the birds,
Roaring with the bears.

You’ll be able to hear the roar of the tiger,
the horse’s neigh,
the horse’s hooves clanking against the ground.

You’ll be able to run with the horses,
fly with the birds,
stroke the tiger’s back.

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