Wednesday, June 18, 2008


(Front door opens, then slams. Five minutes pass, door opens and slams again. Little feet stomp up the stairs.)

Mama: Where'd you go, little man?

J, all-consuming pout on his face: Gamma not home.

Mama: You went to Grandma's?

J: Yeah, but she not home.

Mama: I *told* you Grandma was not home.

J: Yeah, well, she not.

Mama: Don't go to Grandma's and Grandpa's without asking me first. I have said that nintey million times. Don't go outside without asking me first. (I know, I ask a lot.)

J: Okay, mama.

(Stompy feet go downstairs, front door opens, then slams. The Mama's head subsequently spins around, big stompy feet go downstairs.)

Mama: Dude, seriously. Don't go outside without asking. Come in the house.

J: Mama, I'm looking for Sis. I can't find her.

Mama: Get in the house.

J: I need to find her.

Mama: Come inside.

J: Is she in da house?

Mama: Probably not, with the way things are going. Come inside.

J: Is Sis in da house?

Mama: Come. In. The. House. Now.

J: You make me a sandwich?

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