Monday, June 9, 2008

yeah, they will

We went to the Spray Park Playground today, and by spray park, I mean water shooting and spraying and dripping from a number of interesting geysers and spigots. It is VERY EXCITING. Which is what I needed to stay awake today, after staying up until stupid o'clock reading Anne of Avonlea in its entirety. Because it's delicious. That's why.

We were glad to meet up with some friends (read: I was glad to have an adult to talk to) that also happened to be there. Sarah and I were watching Jack climb a tree, his first tree-climb!, and she remarked to me what a handsome devil that lad is. Naturally I agreed with her, because have you seen that kid? He's adorable. Allow me to pause to put my mama ego back in check... there it goes. Better now.

So at bedtime, I told Jack, E's mama said that you were a very handsome boy and that all the girls will love you.

He grinned his pointy-chinned silly grin and said, Yeah they will. They will love my pull-ups.

So that's what's hip in the Nearly Three Crowd these days. Good to know.


  1. We all got a good chuckle out of this one.

    Jack, you handsome devil!!

    =) K, M & CR

  2. Hey Pam:) Missed you at Austin Park today. Nathan and I were there from 10:30 to noon. I met one other MOPS mommy. She's into organic too (Nicole). Hopefully it's a nice Tuesday next week and we'll see you then. Yes, last week was rainish and no we don't usually have a plan B, but it doesn't hurt to hook up with another house bound momma on a rainy day.

  3. Bossy will have to remember that "pull-ups" line in a couple of decades when she is living in the Senior Center.


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