Monday, June 16, 2008

totally apropos of nothing

Sometimes I find myself with a phrase stuck in my head.

How's that for an exciting opening?

Lately I have been just dying to say apropos of nothing. It's in my brain, waiting to be used. I don't even know if it is that I really want to use the phrase, and I do know how to use it properly. I just like to say apropos.

I'm saying it now. Apropos. Apropos. Apropos. Apropos. Apropos. Aproposaproposaproposapropos.

Guess that means I should probably go to bed if I'm that easily entertained. When I'm over my apropos kick, I will tell you all about The Great Bedroom Shuffle of 2008. But I'm too busy saying apropos right now.


  1. Hey Pamela!
    Just wanted to say...

    Your comment in Ree's comments made me smile.

    I still say....straight :o)

    Your family is beautiful!!!


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