Monday, March 24, 2008


French Press Carafe, of the Household Dayton

On Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, the newest addition to the Dayton Family suffered an untimely demise at home. There have been whispers of murder, but all witnesses are certain that it was an accidental death, due to uncontrolled use of a certain person's elbow.

French Press Carafe leaves behind its counterparts, Beloved Plunger and Insulated Polycarbonate Frame, who are sticking together at this difficult time. Also mourning the loss of French Press Carafe are The Mister and The Mama. Soon to be mourning the loss of French Press Carafe are the Dayton Children, MyGirl, NumberOneSon, and HB; also the crew of R & R Precision Construction, where The Mister is currently employed.

A Trust Fund has been established for the continued care of Beloved Plunger and Insulated Polycarbonate Frame, in order to provide them with a secondary Carafe. All monies may be given directly to either The Mister or The Mama.


  1. WHO DONE IT? What is the penalty for Involuntary French Press slater? (3 days community service and civil fees not to exceed the replacement value of said press)

    In all honesty, I wasn't really that impressed, my Mr. Coffee and My Folgers Columbian are equally comparable on the taste scale, IMHO. Of course it has been said that as far as coffee is concerned I couldn't tell the difference between good coffee and warm pee. So take my opinion as needed (twice daily with a side of bourbon).

  2. I must admit, the guilty elbow was mine. So sad, after moving our beloved carafe no less than three times to prevent discomfort at the hands of less civilized kitchenware, I toppled it from its safe resting place. Sigh... As for drip coffee, I couldn't bring myself to do it this morning and boiled my grounds in a measuring cup, strained them, and found the product to be somewhere between drip mediocrity and press heaven.

  3. RIP dear sweet french press *tear*


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