Sunday, June 7, 2009

a tribute to a missing woman

We here at the dayton time have been feeling a certain emptiness deep in our souls. Or soles. There's a bit of je ne sequoia or something along those lines that causes us to wander around in the dark, bumping into things and feeling sorry for our multiple broken toes.

We find ourselves questioning everything... Cereal for breakfast? Do I really want to drink coffee today? Is the sky blue? How long will the former President be in hiding?

The most important question is this:


I just don't know what to tell the children when they ask Mama, where is the crazy lady with the hair who used to look in our windows and blow us kisses and wink lasciviously at Daddy?

How do you answer such a difficult question?

To ease their troubled minds, The Mister and I hosted the BRINGING STEENKY BACK dance party. I did my best to conjure up The Steenk's Infamous Dancing Face. It made my children smile through their tears.

If anyone has seen Steenky Bee, please email . Hopefully we will be able to pinpoint her location and begin to stalk her accordingly. Be sure to check back here for updates.

And HB is carrying me in that last picture. I know you are wondering.


  1. may i please come and hang out with y'all someday? hilarious!
    and ... no kidding! where has she been?
    also ... sorry about the giveaway ... next time. i'll try harder to let you win.

  2. Woot! Woot! raise the roof, y'all!

    And the muscles on that kid, wow...

    You did good with that baby sling on ya!

    So, where is mme. Le Steenk, anyhoo?

  3. I, too am missing the Steenkmeister something fierce. Maybe we should all send her some bacon.

    That is one crazy dance face, sister. Loves it!

    If mah Steenky is out there, I hope she knows how much I love her.

    And you too.

  4. Perhaps you can dance in her absence? BC you are totally rocking The Steenk face. Not many can pull it off, hats off to you!!

    She's fine, just taking a bloggy break. I heard from her last week.

    ...and yes, I know this makes me famous to be good friends with The Steenk...autograph line forms to the right. :)

  5. Je ne sequoia = I am not a tree. Nice job on the dance face.

  6. I was just thinking the same thing the other day. We miss you Steenk!

    Although I hope you will keep up with the baby sling dance impressions - you rock!

  7. Last time I saw her she was the second rider (with a stripper) on a mechanical bull somewhere in Mississippi.

    Good luck in your stalking...hope we don't run into each other while investigating...I think giggling in the bushes is a total give away...hehe...I said bushes.

  8. Naw. I was wondering where you got those pants. I want me a pair. ;-)

  9. Break it down! I'm envisioning you doing this dance to some new jack swing, like Salt 'n' Peppa or some other horrifically hideous yet equally infectious late 80s early 90s dance music. But then I realized you were doing this with the babehs around so "Let's Talk About Sex" or "Push It" are probably NOT cranking on the stereo.

    By the way, I thought you were fucking Matt Damon!? Shouldn't he be dancing with you in this Steenk Stalk Super Boogie!???!!!

    Meh. Babehs are crying and mah break is ovah! So, yeah, See ya later!

  10. Holy Balls! I think my dance face has met its match. Definitely. Eliott looks terrified too. Absolutely shell shocked. You must be careful here. Not only will be asorb any stimuli while gestating in your womb, but he is highly suseptable to anything you show him once he's out, let alone slung to your stomach.

    Please, oh, please tell me that you had the Mister take these pictures. Or at least Lady O.

    And let me follow up by saying that I love you. I really do. I was more than touched to see this post tonight. Tears filled my eyes. You like me, you really like me. If you like me even half as much as I love you, then I'm good.

    Stiletto's right. I'm contemplating another short break. You know, this time of year is so hectic, right? Summer's here, the time is right for dancing in the street....wait, those are song lyrics. And judging by YOUR dance face and MY dance face, well, neither of us should be dancing in the streets now should we?

    Mwah! I can't think of a nicer post in my honor. Long live the dance face!!

  11. Followed your link from Twitter. Nice grooving with baby on the sling. I'll be dropping by sometimes.

  12. Love the dancing girl! Looks like HB is attempting to crawl back in in the last pic!

    Yes, I am totally up for the blog party if you are willing to include us CNYers too! If it counts I am originally from Upstate??!!

  13. You.

    And I have OBVIOUSLY been without a computer for WAY too long.


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