Thursday, June 18, 2009

week in review

nurse the baby...82% of the time
wear something other than pajamas...2% of the time
eat proper meals...4% of the time
have inane phone conversations...2% of the time
twittering my life away to win the Sling and Swaddle Journey...10% of the time

wait... where does sleep fit in my schedule?

oh. i see. so *that's* the problem.

if you people would just please follow me on Twitter, my game id is @Mom_17, maybe i could take a nap or something. i'm not winning. i want to win. and remember, if i win, i will donate all the prizes to Teen MOPS (except the camera, which i will give to mah mama).

i'm seriously considering sending bread to anyone who does a blog post about the contest and sends their readers my way. and you can ask irish gumbo or joce or manda or julia or steph or jill or the mister about how freaking yummy good the bread is. and in a few days, my friend k from down in philly, yo, will know about how freaking yummy good the bread is. because i'm bringing it. because she told me to.

see. *i* follow directions.

will you follow directions, AND ME ON TWITTER????? @Mom_17.

be there or i will lose and cry forever and blame you.


  1. Journey only gets 10%? Slacker . . .

    And put some damn clothes on!

  2. And also I can say how yummy delish the bread is. And also my friend Melissa who I gave the recipe too who sells that crack bread for mad money, yo!

  3. Um, how come people can't ask me how yummy that bread is? Oh wait....I've never had any. That's right. It's totally okay. Your friendship and undying love is all the sustanance I need in my life.

  4. Oh Pamela's bread.
    You are light in my day.
    Fuel for my journey.
    Nourishing to my body and my soul.
    You feed my need to be nourished and be nurtured.
    Your whole grains do not let me crash.


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