Tuesday, October 6, 2009

randomness. you've been warned.

Sweets is the most adorable creature ever to roll over on the face of this earth. I breathe him in, and subsequently exhale butterflies and unicorns. I revel in his very existence.

I would, however, enjoy sleeping more than one and a half hours at a stretch.


There was a class in college that wasn't really a for-credit class, but if you were a music ed major, you had to go or else things would get really ugly. I don't even remember what it was called, but every.last.music ed major had to go. Sometimes we'd play BAND, sometimes we'd play CHOIR, and sometimes we'd play ORCHESTRA. Upperclassmen would take turns conducting whichever pitiful ensemble we'd concocted; I say pitiful because nobody was honking away on their major instruments.

Once when it was my turn to conduct, I went up to the podium and waved my baton and picked on the flutes, and did the other band director-ish things one does when one stands upon a podium. I was thinking really hard, and as a filler, whilst wrapping up my thoughts in my head and starting to speak all at the same time, I would start my sentences by saying OKAY.

At the end of my turn, there was a little critique-by-peers session. One girl, a clarinet major named Linda, said, You keep saying 'okay'. Everything's not okay.

Three years later, she was found dead in her apartment. She had hung herself. Her words still ring in my ears.


I made spaghetti sauce tonight from some of the tomatoes we canned. Today's version had onions, garlic, a green pepper, honey, thyme, oregano and basil. And also a really ridiculous amount of ground beef. I am craving beef like crazy. I will personally deliver a punch in the mouth to the person who asks if I'm pregnant.


Wee Man and HB really enjoy preschool. HB tells us he HATES!!!!! IT!!!! but his teachers swear he plays and laughs and cavorts and does all the stuff normal, happy children do when they like school.

We are going on a field trip to the apple orchard tomorrow. This means: CIDER!!! and DONUTS!!!! And also a 75% chance of rain and a high wind warning. Which means 100% chance that I'll be wearing my knee-high black wellies with white polka dots, and long underwear.


The Mister was named Employee of the Month at his workplace. So I bought him a slice of raspberry pie at the farmers' market today, and delivered it to said workplace to show my appreciation.

I was not named Employee of the Month at my workplace. So I bought myself a loaf of pizza bread at the farmers' market, and ate it on the way home from the farmers' market to show my appreciation.


I still have not seen the latest Harry Potter movie. And it grieves me.


That is all.


  1. did you happen to mention that there may be a bit of randomness involved in this post? wow.
    and if i inquire about a potential pregnancy, does that mean that you will personally come and visit? because you can't hit a pregnant lady. but i would like for you to come and visit.

  2. That "okay" story was awful!

    Love the idea of canning lots of spaghetti sauce.

    And, are you pregnant?

  3. This is a wonderful post.

    And so I hereby name you, Employee of the Month. (Now can I have a bite of your pizza bread?)

    The college story is particularly haunting. Sometimes people say EXACTLY what they mean - and don't even know it.

  4. love the randomness!So, beef a non-pregnancy craving??

  5. I don't think you had told me that story about Linda. I had to call you about that, didn't I? And Alex was the one who called me. All terribly odd and sad.

    Yay for The Mister on Employee of the Month! Yay for pizza bread for yourself!

  6. That okay story is so sad...I think that would stick with me too.

    But really, are you pregnant?

    *running away to avoid punch in face as fast as i can....****

  7. The HP movie is good movie. Is it still at the theater? We could go together.

  8. HP is worth every moment. Husband Styro likes it best. I think it's tied with Order of the Phoenix.

    And, yeah, I gotta wonder about the pregnant thing, too. I am relying on the several hundred miles between us to keep my teeth safe.

    "Dot says these here are gettin' too big to cuddle."

  9. Hanna (the one and only... well other than that other Hanna)07 October, 2009 22:02

    Thanks for sharing that delish pizza bread with me today... sorry I ate 1/3 of it...
    And also, It grieves me that I have not seen the newest Harry Potter movie. Why did we not go on a date?

  10. I want polka-dotted rain boots.

  11. Thank you. Gave me my first real belly laugh of the day. Love the style in which you write, so very readable. Spaghetti sauce, ground beef, and a smack in the mouth. lol!!! Wellies and long underwear. Glad I'm not the only one that does this!

    The everything's okay sorry . . creepy. . .

    This is my first visit to your blog and I loved this post. Off to read some more!

  12. maybe next month you should nominate yourself as employee of the month. I was once told that if you do not toot your own horn others will piss in it. So, there's that.

    As for starting sentences with "okay", she was right. It's also not good to end with "okay" because then you're asking permission.

    We don't have apple orchards here and that makes me sad. My berry farms either. We have pumpkin patches. And concrete.

  13. Awww, man. The 'okay' story makes me want to weep under some covers. But delicious nurslings make me want to come out and re-lactate.

    Also, you'd be my pick for employee of the month.


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