Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so that happened.

Elliott slept all. night. long. last night.

It was amazing, almost.

He was out like Christmas break winter holiday when I went to bed. Usually he's in between sleep sessions when I turn in for the night, so I get my pj's on, climb in bed with him, and fall asleep nursing him. Then he wakes up two hours later, we switch sides, and I fall back asleep nursing him. Then he wakes up two hours later, we switch sides, and I fall back asleep nursing him. Then he wakes up again two hours later, we switch sides again, and I fall back asleep again, nursing him. Then...

Dude loves him some boobies. For real.

Usually I wear a bra to bed, because oh my word, have you seen me? I have a set. And a hard-working set they are. I should really look into being a wet nurse or something because, well, I could.

But last night, I was so. very. tired. I've been wearing a bra practically nonstop for nearly seven months. If you've ever done this, you know it gets all hot and itchy in there and no, I haven't worn the same bra continually for seven months, please, people, give me a little credit.

I took the thing off. And I got me a handy dandy toddler sized prefold diaper, folded it neatly, and put it in my shirt. BECAUSE THEY LEAK, that's why.

At 2 a.m. I realized I had wet the bed.

I was soaked from my chin to my belly button. I find it hard to imagine I would have been less pleased if I had actually wet the bed in the conventional manner.

So, I did the only logical thing I could think of at two in the morning: I took off my wet shirt, and put on a dry one.

And I changed my diaper.


  1. So, to answer your question:
    No, I have not seen you. But after today's post, I plan to scour the Internet until I find a photo of you from the waist up. Or the neck down.
    Or something.

    'Cause Elliott and I have at least one thing in common. (OK, probably at least TWO things, actually.
    Did it get warm in here - or is it just me?)

  2. Yay Sweets!

    With my first one I soaked the bed constantly. I could have feed a small army of babies with those girls.

  3. eh. i feel your pain--well i haven't actually felt that pain since maeve was a baby--but i'm gearing up to feel it again ANY DAY NOW when baby e comes. and the around the clock bra wearing? totally not looking forward to it!

  4. I LOVED nursing my kids. I HATED the 24/7 bra. The only time I could take it off was in the shower, and then there were TWO showers.

  5. Oh sister, I feel you! I love to sleep in a nursing cami..you know the ones from target. They don't hold the girls in so tight but still leave room for those nice nursing pads. I will add that I leak through them almost every night!!!

  6. LOL. I was able to talk my not-so-much-likes-to-spend-money husband into buying a nice fluffy mattress pad for our nice comfy mattress by pointing out the not-so-pretty milk stains on said mattress. Dude, the towels just don't cut it. LOL.

  7. Can't tell you how many times I woke up soaked. So I just started sleeping on a towel.

    But yay on the sleeping all night part! Do you think he'll do that again?

  8. yay for sleeping through the night!! haa...you know i had actually forgot about the "wetting the bed". great, something to be looking forward to again.


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