Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hi. i'm pamela. this is my blog.

I am a mama.  I am a wife.  I do the best that I can to make sure the people in the receiving end of those roles get what they need, and then some.  Today, my house is mostly clean.  Everybody ate appropriate meals at the designated times, and some laundry was done.  (Clean and dried, but not folded and put away.)

I would love to be an official, certified hermit, and that might surprise a lot of people.  I love being home, doing home things.  I bake bread, and cake and pie.  My people like them some pie.  I do not bake muffins because my muffins are a dismal failure.  I make all of our food from scratch because it tastes better.  It's better for us, and cheaper, too, but mostly I cook because I like to eat tasty things and I know I can count on me to do that.  We get our milk from a real, live cow named Clara, not from the store.  Pasturized milk tastes icky to me, and my short people don't like it much, either.  In the warmer seasons, we get our vegetables from a CSA.  I can like a fiend in September: tomatoes, pie filling, pickles, jams, fruits.  Also? We don't buy commercially raised meat.  The Sausage Man from the Farmers' Market raises a pig for us each year, and we get a little more than a quarter of a pasture-fed Black Angus steer in the summer, because at $2.30 a pound, you can't beat the price.   We have 8 very stupid chickens growing in our back yard, and they'll grow for 4 more weeks (or so), at which time we will take them to the nice man in the next town over and he will chop off their heads and pull out their feathers and return them to us packaged nicely in plastic bags.  We also have 5 moderately stupid chickens living in our yard who lay about an egg a day, each, and we will not be taking them to the nice man in the next town over.

We also have two cats.  Two weeks ago, we had three cats, but now we have two.  Sore subject.  Moving on.

I sew, for money and fun.  Also I knit, but I don't crochet because it makes me say bad words.  Loudly.  I went to music school, and behaved myself mostly until my senior year, when I drank a lot and failed a math class (completely unrelated to the drinking, I swear) and then got to have a second senior year.  It's hard to be as awesome as me, I know.  Eventually I got my diploma, and my teaching credentials, and shortly thereafter I discovered that teaching makes me say bad words, and that I am not actually fond of other people's kids.  (You and you?  are not other people in this scenario.)  So I don't do that any more.

We homeschooled our daughter this year.  Homeschooling was something I never, ever, in a million billion gazillion years thought I'd be doing, but Miss O and public school was not a match made in heaven.  

So tell me... who are you?  I'm terribly curious to find out.  


  1. I'm Jim - and I work with computers all day. Then sometimes at night I play with them for fun. My children are grown - and one is moving to a house directly across the street from me soon. I used to blog frequently - but I haven't lately. And I'm not dead (no matter what they say) - just sleepy.

  2. Hi Pamela! I'm Irish Gumbo!

    Chapter 1 - In which I am rudely awakened from a deep, peaceful slumber in a warm safe place, to be thrust into a world of harsh surprises...for all parties concerned.

    (flexes knuckles) Seriously, how much time do you have? :)

  3. Hi there! I am Mary (married to that Jim guy up there) and I am excited to say that I am the new Associate Curator for Education at The Henry Ford Museum! I cook lots more than I used to because it's way cheaper, I like to sew, but I don't know how to do very much. And if I don't get an occasional nap, I can be very cranky!

  4. I am Kasey. I found your blog with the "next blog" thing. I came upon yours and after I noticed I had read two pages I figured I better follow this person.

    I live in Iowa. I work in advertising as a graphic designer. I have 2 cats. Afeni and Voletta. I named them after Biggie and Tupac's mothers.

    I like to drink, run my mouth, watch TV and make cupcakes.

  5. I'm Kim. I'm a mama as well, only I'm on my first time around and I'm still learning.
    I found your blog through my old college roommate who is friends with you and The Mister in Real Life. *gasp!*
    I also wanted to be a teacher, graduated, and then figured out I didn't want to anymore. I probably never really did since I hated all of my educated classes. Whoops.
    I'm a stay at home mom now, and that means we don't have lots of cash moneez, but we manage.

  6. Kim- small world!!! superty curious to know who our IRL-friend-in-common is. tried to email you, but your profile won't let me. boo. hoo.

  7. Hi, I'm Kristi

    I would love to be an official, certified hermit, and that would not surprise a lot of people. I love being home, doing home things. I bake bread, but not much cake or pie (diabetic husband = no sweets). I do bake muffins because muffins are yummy. I make all of our food from scratch because it tastes better. It's better for us, and cheaper, too, but mostly I cook because I like to eat tasty things and I know I can count on me to do that. We get our milk from a real, live cow named Clara, not from the store. Pasturized milk tastes icky to me, and my short people don't like it much, either. In the warmer seasons, we get our vegetables from a CSA (porter farms). I can like a fiend in September: tomatoes (when not completely killed off by blyte), pickles, jams, fruits. Also? We don't buy commercially raised meat. I did not know The Sausage Man from the Farmers' Market raises pigs but i bug him every week for eggs. We get pork from a CSA in little valley, and beef from a family members farm. We live in the city so no very stupid chickens are growing in our back yard.

  8. Oh shoot! I'll have to fix that!

  9. hi pamela.
    i'm jen.
    you know me too well. possibly more than people in real life know me.
    i wish i did all of those things that you do. because it's really what i would like to do. but instead ... i try to do some of those things. and not beat myself up over the things that i can't do.
    i am in a school ... because sometimes i like other people's children more than my own. but in reality ... i really love my kids the best.
    so there.

  10. OH. MA. GARSH!

    You linked me...

    In your blog...

    And I was beginning to think you only liked me in real life. I'm honored, and I'd also like to thank my husband, and my beautiful babies, and my Mama, and my sweet old Aunt Nelly and... and not my english teachers because they totally sucked.

  11. Hi Pamela!

    I'm Katy.

    I'm a teacher, and I love it, but I daydream frequently about becoming a SAHM, and may just do it one of these days.

    I like to bake, but do it infrequently b/c my husband doesn't much care much for baked goods, and I don't need to be eating whole pies, no matter how good they are. I hate to cook though, especially if it involves any level of creativity.

    I didn't know you homeschooled. That's awesome!

    We have one cat. She's sweet, but I liked our dog better. I miss our dog. I could not handle chickens! I can barely handle the cat. And I enjoy your blog!

  12. I would like to be a hermit as well... Where do you go to get "certified?" lol :P

  13. Hi, Pamela! There a lot of things about you in this post that I never knew! I had no idea you were so amazingly domestic.

    I think you probably already know more about me than you ever imagined you could.

  14. I'm her Mister and I work, and when I'm not working I work, and sometimes I take time off from work to do other work. But it's worth it so my Missus and my lovelies can stay home together. (And the eats ain't nothin to sniff at either!)

  15. Umm compared to your super coolness, I'm not much. Thankfully my family doesn't know you or how cool you are, so I'm still cool around here :)

    I'm Beautiful Mess and I'm a mom to two and a wife to one. That's good enough for me. I am also a full time student and it is as crazy it sounds. Totally worth it though!

  16. I'm Mark. And I just learned last week that I am nothing without my children. It was a rude awakening but I've come to accept my role in life. A role that I now enjoy very much.
    Take care, Your Friend, m.

  17. I'm not going to tell you about me. I blab enough on my own blog. But I will tell you that I'm glad you're Pamela, because I love you bunches.

  18. I am the slightly cranky, sometimes cantankerous, Arby who writes at www.boardinginbedlam.blogsppot.com. I am a full-time, stay-at-home, homeschooling father of three children appropriately named General Mayhem, Major Havoc, and Captain Chaos. I live in a small house in Apathy, Kansas, with two dogs, 8 chickens, three fish, and a wooly bug that lives underneath the porch. I am married to the Boss. A few days each week I am a Cubmaster for a local Cub Scout Pack.

  19. Hi, Pamela. I'm Jenni. I'm just another mom trying to do a good job. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I fail. I hope my success outnumber my failures.

  20. I'm Kristin and I wish I'd married you in some kind of bizarre cultish scenario because I love how you "keep a house" as the old timers used to say.

    Also,er, you forgot a "you." Just sayin'. Sure it was an oversight. No biggie.


  21. I'm Carol and I'm behind on reading blogs :). Also I have 11 chickens in the yard who lay some lovely eggs...I have 10 turkeys arriving any day now. We have cows in the pasture that end up in our freezer. I was thinking briefly that maybe I am not Carol - maybe I am Pamela. But no - I don't knit and I hate to sew. I also don't bake pies. But my husband sews and bakes pies. And I homeschool but never thought I would but public school and my kids didn't get along (the two that went, anyway).

  22. Hi Pamela

    I'm a Pamela too...

    I found your blog through Stiletto Mom. Totally because we have the same name and you're pretty.

    So hi! I'm twenty four, a stay at home mom for the moment, raising an almost four year old. been married for five years and some months.

  23. HI!!! I am Monica....I found your blog through "expref=next-blog"...and I loved your blog and bookmarked it on my computer...I would also like if you visit my blog too....

  24. I'm Maria. I've been blogging going on six years and this morning, while attempting to shift gears to being a hermit and keeping house from being a small business owner/family day care provider/single/divorced mom of three teens, gal friend of long distance beau, I found your comment on my blog. Once upon a time, I was raised in Western New York, where my mom and much of my extended family still live, and where I'll visit for a family and a class reunion this summer..no chickens in my city yard, though I've considered it, and a strawberry rhubarb pie in my fridge to remind my kids and me of my Western New York roots. Thanks for making me smile this morning and reconsider my not so positive attitude about the quiet life at home I am trying to make part time when the kids and work and beau aren't filling up my time.


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