Wednesday, May 12, 2010

in case you were wondering

I'm not a fan of the nicknames, despite assigning them to my family members here.  One of my most hugestest pet peeves ever is when I introduce myself to someone by saying, "I'm Pamela.", and they come right back with, "Hi, Pam."  And I say, "My name is Pamela."  And then they call me Pam again, and I say, "Not like the cute girl on The Office.  I'm Pamela, not Pam."  And then it just goes on and on.  Really? Are we as a people that self-centered and un-listening that, upon receiving CLEAR directions, totally ignore what another person has said?

I told you it made me peevish.

Also? When people make up their own nicknames for my short people?  Also peevish.  Changing my little boys' names into little girls' names?  IS NOT CUTE.  So knock it off, I don't care how old or usually lovely you are.  And no, we are not going to shorten ELLIOTT to ELI.  Not. Gonna. Do. It, just like Forty-One.

That being said, we do have a pet name for Miss O each of the boys.  And sometimes, I just call them My Loveys.  It eliminates the hole Remembering The Names Of Each Individual Child Thing.  I kid.  Honest.

Today I sat on the red flowery sofa, nursing my not-so-little baby, and HB climbed up next to me.  He nestled himself in between the couch cushion and my shoulder, and pressed his cheek up against my bicep.  Because it's supersofty, that's why.  And he patted my cheek and said, "Mama, you are still my Lovey.  You are my Lovey forever.  Forever and ever."



  1. it's funny. i've noticed that depending upon how i view people i meet ... i introduce myself differently. professionally? i'm jennifer. if i'm uncomfortable with a person i meet? i'm jennifer.
    if i just know i'm going to love someone? i'm jen. with my kiddos at school? i'm jen.
    good good good good good friends? can call me jenny. (but most of them knew me long before i grew up.)

  2. Ya know, I've never once felt the desire to call you Pam. That's a cooking spray, right?

  3. I hate that as well. Probably why I gave my kids names that have no nicknames. My real name is Andrea, but was never called Andrea unless I was in trouble so I have always gone by Andi. Except it throws people off when I say hi my name is Andi. I always get what was that? Angie? Annie? So I have to explain that my real name is Andrea but to call me Andi...except they never do. It's always Andrea. Oh well, someday someone will listen.

  4. SO sweet, HB. So sweet. :)

  5. Ah, your Lovey forever. I wonder if he'll still say that when he's 14.

    And I, for the record, have NEVER referred to you as Pam, Pamela.

  6. People try and shorten my name to Kris. Drives me INSANE. It also erks me when people call Andy "Andrew". No. That is my name for him. So there.

  7. Didn't you get called 'Pam' on Chrysalis? And I'm sorry if I've ever called you 'Pam'. It's like my entire doctor's office staff calling me Kathryn *including him* and being like, "Huh? What? Oh! That's me!"

  8. My wife and her six brothers and sisters were all given names at birth, but for the life of me I do not know why. Those given names were never used. Each child has spent their entire lives known by their nick-names. Go figure.


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