Saturday, July 10, 2010

it's a superfun day, people. i have a game for you. with a prize and everything!!!

My town's BIGGEST!!! EVENT!!! OF THE YEAR!!! was this weekend, and it is called The Firemen's Carnival.  Do not let the simple name fool you, this is serious business.

I'm being serious and sarcastic there... the Carnival is a huge fundraiser for our volunteer firemen (the serious) and everybody comes out in their finest John Deere costumery to guzzle the night away in the Beer Tent.  Which is neither an actual tent, nor is it made of beer.  But they sell BEER!!! IN!!! CANS!!! and before I became an Old Lady, I would go to the Beer Tent and drink beer out of cans until I thought I was in the Beet Rent. 

Now that I'm an Old Lady, I am WAY more classy than that. Ahem.

Anyway.  To the game portion of the post.  I am calling this fine gem of a game 


Your job, should you choose to accept, is to identify whether the following people are Carnie or Not Carnie.  The person with the most correct answers will receive one, honest-to-goodness bag of salt water taffy (assorted flavours) from the honest-to-goodness carnival.  If more than one person aces the quiz, I'll open the bag of salt water taffy and eat taffy until I can decide upon a winner.  Or I'll employ my favorite toy, the Random Number Generator.  Or, I'll eat taffy whilst playing Random Number Generator.  You may leave your comment on my effbook page if you are too lazy tired to log in here. 

(Bonus question:  I always type RANDOME instead of RANDOM. Why do I do this?)

Anyway.  Here are the pictures:
Exhibit A: girl with tattoo

B: tan man 

C: basketball dude

D: Mr. Incognito

E: fella in the blue beater

F:  lady in the fancy get-up

G: back hair beater

H: Saints fan

I: That's Deere. John Deere.

J:  cowboy

K:  this guy right here

Leave me a comment telling me who is a CARNIE??? OR NOT A CARNIE???.  You can really just say yes or no for each picture, just help me out and use my clever letter system, or the clever counting with numbers system (there are 11 pictures, in case you can't count to I).

Person who is most correct wins the taffy!!!

I will close comments here on Friday morning, around 9:00 a.m. or so, depending on the weather, the alignment of the planets, and whether or not I have consumed enough coffee to remember how to close comments. Also, I purchased the taffy with my own money.  To my knowledge, this contest is most certainly *not* endorsed by any carnies anywhere.


  1. a. no
    b. yes
    c. yes
    d. no
    e. yes
    f. no
    g. no
    h. no
    i. no
    j. yes
    i. yes <--- you realize you have two I's

    Har har har... get it? You have 2 I's (eyes) hahahahhahaaaaaa

    I'm going to bed now...

  2. You had 2 I's... but you edited and now I look like a fool...
    Because I didn't before.

  3. oo ... oo! i've been waiting all night for this!
    (and luckily for you - when i win - you don't even have to ship it! and we can eat it together! next! saturday! night!!!)
    so ... here are my winning answers.
    a. not carnie
    b. not carnie
    c. carnie
    d. not carnie
    e. carnie
    f. not carnie
    g. carnie
    h. not carnie
    i. not carnie
    j. carnie
    k. carnie

  4. Bob and I say B,C,D,E,J,K are carnies. The rest are not....this was fun!

  5. I'm so bad at this game. I was at a fireman's carnival the other day and I mistook a local for a carnie and asked a question that only a carnie would know. I'm a jerk.

  6. a. no
    b. yes
    c. yes
    d. no
    e. yes
    f. no
    g. no
    h. no
    i. no
    j. no
    k. yes

    a couple were tough, but I think I am carnie-smart. I don't think that sounds like a good thing. It would have been easier if you showed me their teeth.

  7. I thought this would be much easier than it actually was. Um, now I feel all kinds of pressure. Can I just say that I think everyone but a, d, f, h and i is a carnie? And when I read your title I wondered whether you were referring to the Wilson sister...

    Oh dear.

  8. a. nope
    b. nope
    d. nope
    e. carnie
    f. nope
    g. not a carnie
    h.not a carnie
    i.not a carnie
    j. a carnie
    k. DEFINITELY a carnie!

  9. F: Lady is what "Blossom" on actually looks like. When she's out and about, instead of at home, in her husband's old sweat pants, stealing other people's words and re-posting them under her own name...

    Just sayin...

    Oh, and totally. She's a carnie.

  10. My guess...

    c,d,j,k are carnies... the rest are not...


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