Friday, July 2, 2010

wantish friday

it has been one of *those* weeks here
(if you haven't noticed)

and by the way, would you like to hear the one
about the mama who went out to the chicken coop late at night?  
and opened the door?
and emptied the bowl of food scraps?
on a skunk?

that's a good one.

here are some pretties i found.
file them under mama like.
or comfort shopping.

pink retro elephant wall decoration

rustic little nest necklace

yellow filigree pretty sunshine ring

hemp silk evening gown
absolutely no need whatsoever for this.

blue bird in cherry blossoms

not the dress, even though it's supercute.
but the cabinet.
and the yellow house with the yellow door. 
dove tree

foodish friday will resume tomorrow. or sunday. or next week.
embrace the surprise of it all.


  1. i want that cabinet too.
    and that elephant.

  2. Oooh, I like the ring and the house...yellow is my color. Sorry about the skunk. I have experience with that.

  3. Why not the evening gown?


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