Thursday, September 2, 2010

yes, i am still here. and no, i have not drowned in a sea of peaches.

It has been a while since I've had anything to say worth sharing with you, my darlings, and to be honest? I still might not have anything worthwhile to say. 

So... I mentioned I shot a wedding.  It was, as any intelligent person might imagine, a ton of work.  My quads have not burned like that since my senior year of high school when I was the sub for the basketball cheerleading squad.  (Blogger is telling me I spelled cheerleading wrong. Blogger is apparently smarter than Mr. Webster.  Props to you, Blogger.)  It was a ton of work, yes, but it was fun, and they invited me to eat their Amazing Carnivorous and Carbolicious Buffet, and I'm still not quite finished digesting all that meat.   

Anywho.  If you would like to see some of My Work, you can check it here.  

Moving on... The Great Canning Episode of 2010.  It seems I have gone off the proverbial deep end, because I have run out of places to cram my jars full of yummy goodness.  I have reorganized my kitchen, removing all unnecessary items (read: non-home-canned goods), which is pretty much a good thing, but now I can't find my pasta.  And that is what I like to call A Very Serious Problem.  If I can actually follow through on anything besides canning (feel free to insert a hearty laugh here), I will post a list in my sidebar of what I've put up, and I will endeavor to keep it updated.  ENDEAVOR.  Because it's good to have goals, right?  And by GOALS I mean Goals That Do Not Involved Eating Pie Every Third Day During The Winter.  Because it's pretty much a certainty that I have canned enough pie filling to gain 32 pounds between November and April.

It's hard to be this awesome.

Before I went off said Deep End, I was contacted about being a Self-Love Ambassador for The Inner Mean Girl Cleanse.  And I am totally slacking on the Blogging About It portion of my participation.  Week One was all about cutting gossip out of our day-to-day talking.  Fortunately for me, I found myself standing over a canner full of fruit and/or veggies most of the week, and didn't actually have a chance to talk to any other Actual Adults other than The Mister.  So... POINTS FOR ME!!! No gossip here!  

In all seriousness, though, this canning thing has given me a lot of time to think and ponder, and as I had that time alone with myself, I made the choice to say a prayer for each person who crossed my mind.  Nothing huge or deep, just Bless her today, or Give him patience... little things like that.  I have found that saying even the tiniest prayer for someone, whether I especially like them or not, reminds me that we're all human, and we all are in the exact same lifeboat.

Having a little social detox has been helpful, too, because you can't talk about people when you're not talking to people.  I was whining about my social detox back in July, and no, I'm not going to link it, because you all know how to use the ARCHIVES button in the sidebar, right?  I still miss my girls, and no, I'm not turning into some whack-job hermit, we're all just plain busy and stuff, but I have really taken advantage of the opportunity to be with myself and my short people.  (And The Mister, when he's not working.  Of course.)

And here's where I abruptly end my post so that I can sprint to the kitchen and remove 7 jars of tomatoes from the canner...

Thanks for reading.  You have no idea what it means to me.  


  1. I think that's a great thing, because it's SO EASY to be negative in our thoughts. It's like retraining. I have someone in particular I think all kinds of mean things about (she's exceptionally difficult to be around, in all kinds of ways) and I find it's hard to keep trying with her.

  2. I find my self imposed public exile refreshing, it has helped me center myself and regain my focus.
    Blessings to you!

  3. You...are all kinds of awesome, you know that, right? And I'm sure The Mister does, too.

    You got game, my dear, oh yes you do :)

  4. You know Pamela, I was trying to read your post while two of my kids are screaming in my ear, no kidding. Plus, I have, don't tell Fred, three glasses of Merlot in me. So pardon any typos or run on sentences. I think your Post was about gossiping. Anyway, I'm trying to steer away from it myself. I wrote a mean post a couple of weeks ago about some Carneys who are actually semi-friends and I felt so bad, thanks to my Mom too, that I removed it. So I know how you feel.
    Was that the point of your Post? I have a different set of kids screaming in my ear right now. The old set got bored with me.
    Have a good weekend. Your Friend, m.
    Oh, by the way, I love those pictures. I am here to tell you that you have given me some very helpful hints.

  5. "It seems I have gone off the proverbial deep end, because I have run out of places to cram my jars full of yummy goodness."

    You said it yourself. Who goes off the deep end when it comes to canning? Are you secretly Mormon or something?

    And don't you just love that Mark?

  6. Also...I checked out the photos. Nice work!

  7. I can't stop thinking about peaches. I haven't thought this much about peaches since I was pregnant with Thing 1, when I ate peaches around the clock. Wait. I better not be...

    Hold on.


    Just like peaches, I guess.

  8. xoxo.
    well read hostess made me giggle.


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