Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tuesday: a list

  1. woke up early in order to arrive at MOPS on time.
  2. showered. noticed hair in left armpit was considerably longer than hair in right armpit. realized i went to the water park on saturday with one clean-shaven armpit.  am classy.
  3. got all the short people up and dressed and out the door. while speaking kindly. 
  4. got pulled over for speeding (42 in a 30). you locals know where the BPD sits on Law Street? the curve? where the cop ALWAYS IS???? yeah. there.  am awesome.
  5. was late to MOPS. again with the *am awesome*.
  6. bought cider and cider donuts for lunch.  may have eaten four, stopped counting after two. what?
  7. pawned short people off on grandma to have grown-up time with my dear friend.  wiped her kid's nose with my thumb and forefinger, wiped it on my shirt.  still wearing the shirt. am *totally* awesome.
  8. picked raspberries with Wee Man. 
  9. walked to the corner store to buy yellow (gah!) American (gah!) cheese (no, it's not!!!) for dinner.
  10. went back to MOPS to watch other people's kids. you know how i feel about other people's kids. actually *am* awesome.
  11. did some grocery shopping, which included a pint of Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. because this tuesday was just *that* awesome.


  1. Awesome! Glad to know I am not the only one who wears snot on their shirt:)

  2. Hey, thanks for helping last night. You *are* totally awesome and anytime you want to be my kid's bodyguard, you've got the job.

    By the way, Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch is my very very favorite ice cream. I knew I liked you.


  3. Why the yellow cheese?

    You're... hmmm... what's the word I'm looking for? Awesome? No, that's not it...

  4. I love Gals with hairy armpits. No! Wait! Nope, sorry, that's guys. I get so confused sometimes.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Did you get a ticket?

  5. Steph~ I'm glad I could help. I *so* value the Moppets workers for our morning meeting that I couldn't not help.

    Melissa~ Some of the short people will only have the yellow cheese. And what exactly are you trying to say here? Dare I ask what word you were looking for?

    Mark~ I got a failure to obey a traffic device ticket, mostly because I pulled over when I saw him put his car in gear, and was waiting with the requisite items in hand when he walked up to the car. And I copped to the speeding. And I possibly cried. And I had four short people in the car. But mostly because I pulled myself over.

  6. Okay, let me get this right.

    Pull over
    Have paperwork ready
    Admit to the charge
    Cry like a big girl
    Have four kids

    I can do that!
    And here I thought it was all about showing some cleavage. No wonder I kept getting tickets.

  7. you got twice as many short people out the door as I did and you spoke kindly. you truly are awesome.

  8. love, love cider donuts. i could eat a dozen, seriously.
    also, love coffee icecream with heath bar. i didn't know ben & jerry's had a flavor like that. off to the store...


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