Saturday, October 9, 2010

i wear my babies

it keeps him close
it keeps us close
i can feel him breathing
when he lays his sweet tired head on my shoulder,
i can smell his babyness

he can see the world around him
he's not stuck staring at everybody else's knees
his big brothers can't poke his eyes out
i can hold his big brothers' hands in parking lots

he can hear my heart beating
we can communicate
i can kiss his sweet head
and whisper sweet everythings into his curls

sometimes i wear them two at a time
sometimes one of them is not happy about that
almost four is not too big to be held or worn
or snuggled and kissed by your mama

i wear my babies...
in a ring sling i made myself
in a sakura bloom ring sling
in a neobulle wrap
in a hotslings pouch
in a mei tai i made myself
in a podegi i made myself

and i will wear them until i can't wear them any more.
and no recall
or government regulation 
can stop me.

babywearing is safer than riding in a car.
recall that.


  1. I see these in the village (at work) all the time. Wish they'd had them when mine were small! Hands free for the second (and third...)would have been wunderbar.

  2. I love you and all your pappoosey babies.

  3. LOVE wearing mah behbeh! Especially in NYC! I had to use a stroller the other day because a friend was going to watch him while I was in a site survey - UGH! Hate hate hate the big bulky stroller (it's not even that big, but ugh anyway) - maneuvering thru crowds, not having him "up" with me. I've had to switch him to a back carry now that he's 25 lbs. Nothing in the world compares to a sweet baby tucked under your chin, my favorite moments in the world have been riding home on the subway, sleeping baby snuggled close, perfect peace. Seeing a lot more baby wearing - let's hope the trend continues!

  4. I will say though I understand the concern about the some of the bag slings. I used a Balboa one briefly and was NOT impressed. The pouch is so deep that newborns can't help but slide to the bottom (as opposed to the more shallow & adjustable ring slings) - I found it nearly impossible to keep Sebastian from having his chin pressed down to his chest. Once he could be more upright it was fine, but by then I'd abandoned the pouch in favor of my Blessed Moby Wrap. I use a Beco now for the ergonomics since I have to schelp the young un long distances - saves my shoulders.

  5. I've been meaning to talk to you about slings. I've wanted one. Not sure what the best is. What I would like. Any advice?

  6. I'm a baby wearer too. It is a life saver when you have more than one little.

  7. Hey Pamela!
    interesting read.i really enjoyed it.i am not yet a mother and when I become one I will defo wear my mama says she bonded more w/me and my siblings and besides, it is way more less stressful considering you get the right sling that tallies with your baby`s weight. x


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