Wednesday, October 27, 2010

some items for your consideration

  1. Not a torn rotator cuff.  Instead, I got two thumbs up for a job well done (yay me!), from the Physical Therapist who diagnosed me with bicipital tendonitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, and bulging discs in my neck. Please do not attempt to be as awesome as me.  It will not turn out well.  Trust me on this. 
  2. Something that may have happened at the dinner table in the past week, possibly at my house:  someone laughed so hard that he or she (statistically a he, considering) pooped his or her pants.  Also?  The same person may have been making ridiculous noises until that verysame person actually vomited on the kitchen floor.  And no. It was NOT ME.  Statistics, people, statistics.
  3. I was THIS CLOSE to having a warrant out for my arrest.  Again, please do not attempt to be as awesome as me.  Living on the edge is only the teensy-est bit exciting.
  4. My hair is totally ginormous.
  5. The Mister has two musicals back-to-back, Les Mis this week and Oliver!!!!!!!!!!! (only one actual excitement point in the title) next week.  I'll see him sometime mid-November, which pretty much guarantees there will be no "Big Announcement" when our anniversary rolls around in December.  
  6. I almost had a fist fight with a roadside construction worker on my way to Physical Therapy on Monday.  This has nothing to do with Item #3 (see above).
  7. Elliott has become a maniacal social laugher.  Needless to say, the rest of the short people find this INCREDIBLY funny and have become maniacal ooh-let's-get-the-baby-to-laugh laughers, which had gotten old before it actually began.
  8. I posted a status on the effbooks about offering $10 and sexual favors to the first person who would come to my house and make my television and dvd player talk to each other.  Thank GOD the only person who responded was The Mister.  Because that would have been awkward.  And he's such a nice guy he declined the money.
  9. A friend of mine told me that the students who go Belfast Elementary School (Belfast, NY, not Northern Ireland... but possibly there, too, I don't actually know) are not allowed to run on the playground because some normal kid was (shocker) running superty fast and (shocker) tripped and (more shocker) got a bloody nose TWO YEARS AGO.  And forevermore nobody is ever allowed to run on the playground ever ever again.  I give them two thumbs up for being stupid.  (I did type 'stupid jackasses' but then I remembered my rule about something or other and decided to delete it.  Being a grown-up is hard work.)
  10. The chickens are scheduled for a nice beheading, and a hot date with the slow cooker.  Yee haw.
What's up with you?  And I'm serious, people.  I want to know.  Last time I asked you didn't even say anything.  So chop-chop with the typey-typey.


  1. Ummm.... Let's see....

    I read your blog post tonight! It was very coolness.

    I've gotten slightly more kinda vigilant about updating my blog with nonsense nobody particularly cares about. Fun times.

    My 3 year old is down to JUST nursing to sleep at night. And he crashes about 3 minutes after starting. I can tell you that and you're cool with it. That makes me happy.

    Have a good night!

  2. my 2yo is obsessed with shoes. he has 4 pair that he insists on wearing alternately throughout the day. not sure if this means he'll grow up to be the next imelda marcos, a cobbler, or a foot fetishist.

  3. finn has sinu-something or other. baby sinus infection. which means he doesn't sleep. which means i don't sleep.
    during the day? he cries. all the time. and then for fun? he screams and throws his body backwards 'cause he wants to get down. and then i put him down ... and he proceeds to sob because i put him down.
    yesterday stella got one wrong on her spelling test and has to retake it b/c she put a captial B on the word "be". but she got all of the words that i added to the test right. including Bromenschenkel - a coworker's last name. (and it made me smile b/c she wrote all 10 of the words that i made up at the bottom of her paper without prompting.)
    ok. cora. hmmm. she's cute. she's always cute.
    me? i don't work today. i started the evolve workshop with sheye rosemeyer. and i have so much hope that i'm going to learn a lot.
    and yes. in response to your text. single parenting sucks. bigtime.

  4. the fleas are still here, but don't worry, we're on it. we had to shut off all the water to the kitchen because of some big leak...and wouldn't ya know, the faucet that is original to the house (i swear it's that old) got jammed up and we have to replace it. waiting on someone who knows what they're doing to come over and do it - hopefully before the end of the week. i've also been washing our dishes in the bathtub - which i might make a regular habit now, because do you know how many dishes you can fit in the bathtub? a lot!! and finally - my gumball machine came today for my office - so excited!!!

  5. My big news: I had my first kidney stone on Monday! Yayyyyy! It. HURT. A lot. I mean, like, whimpering and calling for mommy kind of hurt. Except I could barely whimper because it hurt so much.

    As a result, I had my first ever ambulance ride! Whee! I had to call the paramedics because I didn't think I could safely drive myself to the hospital. Things have settled down, but I'm tired and twingy. And thanking my lucky stars that modern pain meds do what they do so well.

    Beyond that, I'm working, going to class, writing and trying to catch up on sleep. Ah, the life of Mr. Excitement...

  6. had my very first "annual review" after 4 months at my new job, and was only mildly annoyed after the end. I call that a win.

  7. Baby turned 1 a week ago and because of all the excitement and extra attention, she decided it was time to show off her mad walking/running/climbing/getting into everything/pulling everything out of everything at lightning speed skills. Blinking is no longer an option for me and neither is a clean house. But on the plus side, maybe I will lose some weight chasing her around?

    I had a super mean lady call and harass me while I was in public about a medical bill I owe that I HAVE BEEN MAKING PAYMENTS ON. It was awful and there were tears, but the pediatrician swept in and made it all better, and I will not be hearing from that person again. EVER.

    Other than that, it's a slow week. Hubby is out of town and I'm pretty bored. ;)

  8. Just finished moving into our new house! Yay! Next step to adult-dom... make short people.


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