Friday, October 1, 2010

where you'll find us

Growing up we called it Mumford, which is the name of the town, and not the place.  Its really real name is the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  

What's here?
Living history.  Tradesmen (and women).
Farmers. Weavers. Dyers. Blacksmiths.
Potters. Brewers. Artists.  Artisans. Historians.
Educators. Volunteers. Employees.  And critters.

strips of tree waiting to become a basket
the blacksmith
wagon wheels

beautiful cobblestone
the cooper's shop.
a cooper makes barrels. i didn't know, either.
barrel rings
waiting for a fix
Wee Man and HB crunch an apple
Miss O took a costume... that's her on the far right.

This weekend is the annual 19th Century Agricultural Society Exhibition.  I entered bread and butter pickles, dill pickles and grape jam.  I can't wait to see the other offerings.  When we dropped my items off today, the cooper was entering some barrels, there were people with gorgeous cut flowers, baskets of produce, pies, breads, pottery... so many beautiful things!   The short people are most excited about the exhibition hall full of chickens (at least it will be warm and dry in there!)  

Check out their blog and fan them on the effbook.  Better yet? Stop by this weekend.  I'll be the mama with the apple green stroller and the kids you recognize.

Disclosure, not that I need it, but in case you're wondering:  we are members of the Genesee Country Village and Museum, and we bought our very own membership.  Miss O earned the money for her class by doing extra chores, picking strawberries and baking bread.  There is no compensation whatsoever involved in this post, we just really like it there and I think you should go there because it's flipping cool.  And I'm probably not going to win any of the food competition anyway, and if I do it has absolutely nothing to do with the blogging.  They didn't even know I had a blog until now (hi, GCVM!). 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photography, Miss Thang. I wish I could be there this weekend!

  2. i went there on a field trip in 10th grade. it was beautiful =)

  3. Now I am thinking we should jump in the car and GO! No, seriously! Maybe we will see you there..if not, I will see you tonight??!!!

  4. Oh, man, this looks AWESOME! If I weren't half a country away, I would be there in a heartbeat. Enjoy!

  5. I absolutely love it.

    Effbook. Hee hee.

  6. Your photos capture the moment. Great Job!
    Your Friend, m.


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