Monday, December 6, 2010

going to the west by-gawd for the weekend

We have a winner!  Congratulations, Danae.


People, I'm having a bit of a crisis.  Crisis might be a little too-strong of a word for this situation, but it's my blog and I'll crisis if I wanna.


My friend K from Cleveland is no longer going to be My Friend K From Cleveland.  She is going to be My Friend K Who Formerly Lived In Cleveland Way Back Before She Married Her Long-Lost High School Sweetheart.

And that, people is WAY TOO LONG OF A NAME for me to A) remember and B) type on this here blog.

But that is not the crisis.

The crisis is that I'm trying to pack all my crap special belongings and necessary items and I have no actual suitcase.  Why?  Why do I have no suitcase?

Well.  This one time back nine years or so ago, I had a suitcase.  I had several, in fact, with enough room to take all of my "NEW SLEEPWEAR" on my honeymoon to London, and to bring back souvenirs for, well, me.  Like my superty-fab Mary Janes from THE ACTUAL DOCTOR MARTENS STORE ON COVENT GARDEN.  Le sigh.  Which no longer fit since I've done gone birthed four rather large critters out my places.

And then, one time back, well, less than nine years ago, our hot water heater blew up and the suitcases got wet but I didn't realize it at the time because I was too busy shop-vac-ing up ninety-eleven bazillion gallons of water.

And now I have to take a trip (by myself), with fancy clothes and non-fancy clothes and shampoo stuff (because I will be showering a completely unnecessary amount of times on my trip to make up for all the showers I don't take at home), and all of my camera stuff.  Because I am the photographer.


And if My Friend K Who Just Got Married (does that work? probably not for the long run) permits it, I might share some of the pictures with you.

Wondering why SUITCASE is the hot word?  Because I need one, dangitall, and because CSN Stores wants to give you a $50 gift card that you can use on any product in any of their (more than 200) stores.  The gift card won't cover any part of the shipping costs, so plan ahead.

So.  Click on a SUITCASE and leave me a comment telling me which one I should purchase.  OR!!! Leave me a comment telling me how I should refer to My Friend K From Cleveland until death do us part.  All names will go into a fancy-dancy hat on December 12th at 11:59 p.m. My Time (that's an official time zone now, don't'cha know!), and a short person who is being nice will pull a name from the hat sometime the next morning.


  1. Here be the suitcase:

    Very similar to what we use. Love the roll-y!


    Its water proof so the next time you have a basement tragedy, your suitcase will survive.

    Matching set for your camera gear:

    Always have to read the fine print:
    "The guarantee does not cover shark bite, bear attack and children under five."

  3. I vote for this one, because it's more than half off with free shipping, it's large and will fit all of your new "sleepwear" that you purchase while you are away, and it rolls. You have 4 babes to carry, you shouldn't have to lift anything else...ever! And also because you've endured a super painful shoulder injury and wouldn't want that to happen again. :)

  4. Suitcases. Is that what classy people use? I think you should use Aldi bags. Or knit something, dangit. 'Cause I know you have the skills. But if you insist, go with this one.

    Mainly because it rolls, second because you could probably fit a small child in them, and third because you know your children will play with them so you might as well accommodate that.

  5. maybe you should just borrow a suitcase?

  6. I kinda like the "lime zebra"


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