Wednesday, December 8, 2010

somebody fix this. now. please.

So I told you about the little trip I'm taking, where LITTLE means IS TURNING INTO A COMPLETE AND UTTER NIGHTMARE.

Anyway.  Back to the nightmare.

I am the photographer for the wedding.  Which will be fun! and unstressful! and lovely!  Except.  I am bringing the short people because a Certain Someone has to work at His Certain Place of Employment all bloody weekend long.  

You might be wondering why I'm bringing the team with me to photograph a wedding in a land that is far, far away.  And to be perfectly honest with you?  I'M WONDERING, TOO.  Elliott is still nursing, and at the moment he's working on about four teeth, and he's not feeling well, so it's not really the right time to leave him.  (Although, he's getting four teeth, and is crabby, so leaving him is somewhat tempting.)  If I take Elliott, I'll need someone to take care of him in The Far Away Land whilst I'm quote-unquote working, and I'll *also* need someone to take care of the Other Three whilst A Certain Someone is quote-unquote working.  And I can't really afford to pay two babysitters to simultaneously watch my children at home and in The Far Away Land.

So I decided to take them all.


And this is the part that makes me want to say all kinds of bad words.  I cannot find a place for us to stay.  There is one child-friendly Bed and Breakfast in the town, and there are three NOT AT ALL child-friendly B&B's.  Naturally, the child-friendly one has a three-room suite that is totally budget-worthy, and a sun room to play games and watch tv and stuff, and it is booked.  

There are hotels.  But none of them will let me, the four short people, and my take-along babysitter all stay in one room, which is NOT AT ALL what I want.  And none of them have adjoining rooms.  They don't even have accommodations suitable for one adult and four children (and no, the babysitter is not sleeping in the car, for heaven's sake, people).  I can't put some of my people in a locked room with my babysitter (this has nothing to do with her, she's lovely) all night long, because can you imagine being little and wake up in a dark room in a strange place and WHERE IS MY MAMA!!!!!!

I have a headache.  Tell me how to solve my problem.  Please.


  1. I think you forget to mention two of the short people. Book a hotel with an outside entrance for 4 (or can you do 5? some hotels do two doubles and a roll-away). It does mean all of you in one room, but it looks like that's what you have to do. And if they try to say something about it, you say you were planning to leave (pick the oldest) but then her dad had to work and what were you supposed to do? This does also suppose you won't take advantage of the "free breakfast".

  2. I can see why you would want to curse. Knock on wood, I have my parents close by and they help out more than the average Grandparents do. I know, you're jealous. That's normal. Anyway, seriously, are you positive that a Certain Someone has to work? It really does sound like a big headache. Question do you know of any Blogger friends where you are going to that you can reach out to?
    Your Friend, m.

  3. OK - so we haven't fit into one room in a very very long long time. Technically. Get one room, sistah. They seriously don't even care - but if you ask them how many people they let stay in a room they're going to have to tell you the official don't ask. It is all about don't ask don't tell.

  4. book a room and lie about the number of people in it. had to do that for an out of town session recently when the littles and the mr. decided to tag along at the last minute. then pour yourself a drink because you totally deserve it.

  5. i just love your blogs. I love how you write, how open and honest you are. Thats what makes your blogs so inviting.
    If I were you and had to bring the troops with on your wedding shoot - first of all OY! - and I agree with Amanda and lieing about how many people are in the room. Everyone has done it - plus you need a child friendly place while you do your shoot. Maybe they can go swimming (I'm assuming you are bringing a sitter) otherwise I wouldn't suggest leaving your kids alone swimming!!
    I still have an email from you. I'm waaaaaaaaaay behind. How did you do the layout to your blog??
    Happy Holidays!


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