Monday, December 13, 2010

that's a first.

You may congratulate me.  I have received my first official Cease and Desist letter.  I know.  I'm a total infringer.  

Here's the deal.  I made these adorable and cozy things:

butter yellow wristies
butter yellow wristies  butter yellow wristies

And I made the mistake of calling them wris+ies.  

I came home this weekend to this:

by wristiesprofileshopcontact
hello -
Your "Wristies®" are beautiful but would you please remove the word "Wristies" or Wristie from your products, website, and advertising? the word is Trademarked and using it without permission is not cool (and illegal). I'm sure it's an innocent issue, but we have rights to the word and would appreciate your cooperation.
Best wishes for a successful holiday season,
Susan Gregory
Wristies, Inc.
11 December 2010 1:34pm EDT

I really appreciate that she took the extra time to explain that using a trademarked word is not cool.  The thought of being not cool was really and truly what motivated me to take The Offending Word out of my listing.   I think that everything after the word is Trademarked is a bit unnecessary because really?  Intelligent people, even intelligent people who have committed an innocent issue, will understand the concept of The Trademark.

Rest assured, I have taken care of the innocent issue, quickly renamed my product (without consulting the googles) (again), and replied to her message.

by revelbabyprofileshop 
I had no idea that you owned the word 'wristies'. Of course I will remove it; I would never want to do something that wasn't cool (or that was illegal). I apologize for taking a few days to respond to your convo. I've been out of town and away from the computer.
Have a lovely day.
13 December 2010 11:34am EDT

So. Do me a solid and just go purchase all the rest of my wristy-warmers before the owner of wristy-warmers-dot-com sends me a cease and desist letter, too.


  1. Hahaha! "Not cool." Awesome.

  2. Some ideas. Wristees. Risties. Wrissties. Wris-ties. Wris'ties. WRIS + Tease.

  3. what a brat she is. (insert more vulgar b-word if necessary)

  4. Maybe I'm alone here, but this was a far nicer letter than some others I've seen, LOL.

  5. there was a recent lawsuit re: a company that is selling a speech/language product that had see and say in the title. this kind of stuff drives me BATTY. i think i'm going to register the word coconut. because that's MY daughter's nickname. so ... please refrain from ever using the word coconut again, m-kay?

  6. The mind boggles. Wonder what law school she or her attorney (assuming there is one) went to, that teaches "cool" vs. "uncool" law.

    "Your Honor, I object!"
    "On what grounds, counselor?"
    "The plaintiff's allegation is soooo uncool, bro!"

    At least it wasn't threatening, I suppose.

  7. I agree with Maria. That was actually a nice letter.
    Also, please let me know if you stop being cool so that I can move on to some cooler Blogs. I have a reputation to uphold you know.
    Your Friend, for now, m.


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