Thursday, December 18, 2008

it was the kind of awkward, when you do something that isn't actually wrong, but is kind of odd for an adult, and somebody drops by for a quick visit?

The Mister took the short people upstairs after dinner the other night, and I set out to brew some Fine Legal Addictive Stimulants for us. You know, to help us make it to bedtime.

The tea kettle was on the stove, the burner on high, coffee beans ground and waiting expectantly in the one true love of my soul French Press. I left the kitchen to quick check my email.

The tallest short person had been playing Webkinz before dinner, and that was what came blaring from the monitor as I shook the mouse awake. Today's Big KinzCash Game? Cash Cow. It's kind of like Bubblet.

Miss O loves to accrue KinzCash for her horse, Bleckberrie. And no, I can't explain the name. One would think that the black horse would be called Blackberrie, Blackberry even, but no. That is not the case.

So the kid likes to bank her KCash. I figured I had to be smarter than the average child, and therefore be able to score some mad KCash for the kid. So I decided to play a little.

Easy or Difficult?

Ummmm, DIFFICULT, of course, because I AM AWESOME!!!!

Except? Not so much with the awesome.

That stupid Cash Cow kicked my ass. The first game I made 4 WebKinz Dollars plus no bonus bucks. AWE-SUH-HUM!!! So naturally, I played again. Because I could not understand how I could suck so badly. That time? 8 Bucks. Seriously. Eight.

So I played again. And again. And when the kettle whistled? I ignored it until I lost. Again. Then I quick poured the water into the sultry body of the French Press and ran back to the computer. I lost some more. I ran to the kitchen to give the grounds a little stir, you know, to speed up the brewing process so that I could attend to my children and get them in bed. Or play more. Either way.

I started another game. Yes, I understand the level of patheticism to which I have fallen. But you can leave comments detailing this to your little hearts' contentment. I will understand that, too.

So I was playing my ninetyeleventh game of Cash Cow, and there was a knock on my door. I got up from the computer to see who could possibly be interrupting the enormous personal quest I had undertaken.

It was a lovely woman I know, who had just had her ninetyeleventh baby last month. I brought her family dinner, and she was returning my dishes. She noticed I had been on the computer, and glanced at the screen. From that moment on, I was feeling a little bit like an ass for having a lovely person, such as the one who was standing by my front door, know that I rock the WebKinz Arcade like my 5 year old.

Anybody have a good I'M AN ASS story to share? Just remember, we're all friends here, and nobody's laughing AT you, we're just laughing because we ARE you.

Oh, and by the way, the coffee turned out great.


  1. The coffee made you do it. ;-)

  2. Nah, I'm just an ass who likes children's games.

  3. Pamela,
    If she's got ninetyeleven kids, chances are that she's been around the Webkinz block a few times herself.

    By the way, the trivia questions, uh, I mean I've heard that, the trivia questions are a way quicker and easier way of earning bucks than the games.

    Just so you know.

  4. The horse is named Bleckberry because Blackberry was not allowed by the site. Not because it was already taken but because offensive names are not allowed. Not kidding. That's what it said.

  5. I confess...I have played Cash Cow for much longer than any sane person should...when my children are asleep and I have logged in under their names and not because they "need" KinzCash, but because Mommy is an addict.

    I knew I liked you.

  6. Too funny... Once I had a boy break up with me (after asking me to marry him the week before) and I played the Legend of Zelda on Nintendo 64 for a month straight... No kidding, I was in a serious depression and instead of doing drugs I sat in my mom's basement and played Zelda. I was also 23 years old. Which is not so far away from, errr, 25. :) Then my mom kicked me off my bum ass and told me to get a job...

  7. Also, Please go piss in a pot.

  8. Oh, this could have been so, so much worse. Ahem, if you were me.

  9. She was probably just trying to see what your score was so she could go home and try to beat it! I get stuck playing whatever that game is thats like Collapse. Bring Bleckberrie over and I'll get out Presents the Monkey (where do they get these names?) and we can have a playdate and go to town on the webkinz site!


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