Tuesday, December 16, 2008

lesson of the week: moose hash.

Moose. It's what's for dinner.

Moose. The other red meat.

Save a chicken. Eat a moose.

This is not the loveliest bit of photography to ever cross the dayton time. But I was exceedingly pleased to eat this (mess) for dinner. Here's the recipe for Moose Hash ala Pamela.

  1. Go to Canada and kill a moose. Alternately, find someone else, who's going to Canada already, and have them kill a moose for you fun and food, say hi when they stop by your house on the way back to Pennsylvania, and be sure to admire their rack. Of moose antlers. Thank them graciously when they offer you a pound of ground moose. Because OF COURSE YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH GROUND MOOSE!!!
  2. Bake some potatoes. Cut them into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Chop one large onion.
  4. In a very large cast iron skillet, combine the moose, the onion, and the potato pieces with 1/4 cup canola oil. That does sound like a lot of oil, but moose is very lean.
  5. Fry it all up until the potatoes and the moose are a lovely shade of golden brown.
  6. Season liberally (unless you are from Tillaboro Orchard, in which case you should season conservatively) with salt and pepper. Serve with carrots, peas and corn, so that you can easily turn the leftovers into soup.
  7. If you are having a hard time locating ground moose, you can substitute pork, chicken, or beef. Another amazing option, in a completely BadGood Way? Hot dogs.
Next up: Moose Soup, with potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, tomatoes and onions. A culinary masterpiece.


  1. Dear Dayton Times,

    We do not have moose where I live. Can I substitute the bunnies that run across my street all year long? Although, I should call them rabbits if I plan to eat them.

    I had elk jerky once ... swoon.

    A mooseless reader

  2. fabulous. i hear moose is delish. i, sadly, have not had it.

    i have, however, had elk, deer, bear, and reindeer. yes, i ate rudolph. what? he was making our roof leak.

    can i make bunny hash, too?? or maybe squirrel hash? you know how much i love squirrels.. heh heh.

  3. Dear Mooseless,
    I should think you could substitute cute, fuzzy bunnies for the moose. Be advised that skinning a cute and fuzzy bunny is hard work, and there is blood and ripping and things. If that is something you feel up to, by all means you should kill and eat those cute and fuzzy bunnies. Because what on earth are those cute and fuzzy bunnies even for?

    I prefer my meat materials to come pre-killed and shrink-wrapped in plastic. But that's just me.

    the dayton time

  4. Dear ChurchPunkMom,
    You could easily have squirrel hash. And by easily, I mean if you're into the whole killing and skinning and de-boning thang.

    I've had squirrel before, and it's very similar to eating a geriatric chicken.

    Which everyone should interpret to mean that yes, I have eaten geriatric chicken.

    The vegetarians are vomiting in their coffees today. Sorry 'bout that, mah peeps.

  5. I've had elk and buffalo but never moose. Hmmm.

  6. We gave Moose around here, nice people just shoot them with cameras.
    We, Canucks may all say "AYE" but
    we arent' all Moose Murderers.

    In regards to Steenky Bee's Julie
    Christie moment. Watch Dr. Zhivago, the movie, worth renting,
    you'll see why any lady could handle being Julie Christie.
    Although why she dated a guy who
    sat around watching old Mary Tyler
    episodes, I cannot see.
    l (cpt. Dumbass Mom)

  7. wow..I have never tried moose! And now that I no longer live in the north, I doubt I ever will. I was once tricked into eating venison, though, which is surprisingly good.

    and I love the new holiday header!

  8. Bunnies? Would that be Hosenfeffer Hash?

    The thing that kept playing in my mind when I told the guys I had moose hash for dinner:

    "Hey Rock? What's that you're cookin?"

  9. Yum. Moose steak tips, moose burgers, pretty much moose anything, is good.

  10. i have to say i love your home made bread it was so good

  11. i have to say i love your home made bread it was so good

  12. This is great, I've got Alaskan moose in my freezer and have been looking for ways to cook it..I think I'll try the hash!

  13. Never had moose - we do eat a lot of deer though. Do you have to soak it in anything? To get the gamey-flavor out?

    that girl

  14. The moose is surprisingly not gamey at all. It is very yummy.


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