Monday, December 29, 2008

this is extremely urgent.

Eight week old baby Stellan, who is a miracle baby to begin with, is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with an extremely bad case of RSV, a respiratory virus that kills infants.

Click here to read what his mama has to say.

And please, please, please, say a prayer for this tiny babe and his family tonight. I can think of only one thing that would be worse than having a gravely ill child.


  1. I just got done yelling at my perfecly healthy children for driving me nuts. and Now I am thanking God that my children are healthy enough for me to be yelling at. This Mck, family will be in my prayers

  2. You have my thoughts and prayers...please let us know how he does!!

  3. You know it sweetie. Prayers and good karma on its way.


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