Friday, November 13, 2009

i love interwebs search results

I love when the Googles and the Yahooligans send me traffic from people in need of assistance. For example, this poor lady.

38 weeks pregnant and farts stink.

Let's all sigh in a most sympathetic fashion with our poor, poor friend. On the count of three... ONE. TWO. THREE.


Seriously. You're 38 weeks pregnant and only now your farts have begun to stink? For real? Oh, honey. It will be okay. Here's what you should do: blame the baby daddy. But only for two more weeks. Then you can blame the baby.


  1. i never thought about a dog. mostly because, well, i never think about dogs unless i'm forced to think about dogs, which is not frequently.

  2. Don't all farts stink? And also, isn't it more precarious that you COMPLETELY LOSE CONTROL over your bodily functions by 38 weeks? Lol. I remember apologizing a lot or pawning the blame off on my hubby those final weeks. Poor hubby. :)


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